Yea…so here we go…


I’ve been teasing the release of Your Profitable Biz Blueprint: 16 Weeks To Creating Your Online Business, Quitting Your Job and Loving Your Life for some time now and the day is officially here.

Enrollment is now open!

Go here to watch the enrollment video: Enroll Now for Your Profitable Biz Blueprint

Here’s some more details as well…

This is a comprehensive 16-week program combining the following elements:

1. A 20+ Hour Online Course you can watch on any device

2. 16 PDF Action Guides (these aren’t 1 page dinky printouts. The AVERAGE length is 10 pages, so basically 160 pages of gold to keep you on-track in the program).

3. Me. Yea, that’s right.

I’m going to be coaching you throughout the program so you can get any of your answers handled by yours truly throughout the 16-week program.

This way you’re not just handed a bunch of information (like 99% of programs) and told to sink or swim…

Instead, you’ll have me ‘on-your-shoulder’ 24/7 to help you build your own profitable online business.

4. PLUS, 6+ Bonus Video Lessons from setting up your business legally to product and logo design to even creating YOUR brand. The bonuses are so good I can honestly sell it as a separate course, but I’m including them for FREE.

You’ll also have Lifetime Access to ALL materials, so if you get behind or need to take a break, no worries, you have access for life and can go through it whenever you need to.


Needless to say, this is a no-bs, serious program for you, if you’re serious about getting the hell ahead in life and want to create online income, freeing you up to pursue your true passion, or just if you want to elevate your lifestyle in a serious way…

Enrollment is LIMITED (because my time is involved) and the Price Will Be Raising throughout the 6-day launch…

So…you want to get in ASAP so you get the BEST price possible and before it fills up…

Note: this program isn’t like my other ones, where some of them have been discounted or bundled with other programs for special sales.

This is the LOWEST PRICE you’ll be able to get this Blueprint for. I have discounted programs in the past for special sales, but this one will never be discounted and is available exclusively through this site.

Go Here To Enroll====>Enroll Now for Your Profitable Biz Blueprint

Follow the instructions in the video.

As soon as you checkout, you’ll instantly be in the Private Member’s Area and you can get started.

Any questions, feel free to email me at

I’ve poured over a YEAR of work into this proven program (more than anything I’ve released) and I can guarantee you it will change your life for the better in the area of income, if you take action and do the work.

I’m proud to offer this to all of you and excited to lead you to true success, money and freedom.

I’ve always said if you figure out Women and Money, you pretty much have life figured out.

Well, I helped you figure out women, with my writing and teaching helping literally thousands of men around the world and now: I’m helping you with Stage 2: The Money…

There comes a time in every man’s life when it’s time to commit to getting the hell ahead, so if you think you can’t afford it…can you afford not to?

Go here to enroll=====>Enroll In Your Profitable Biz Blueprint

P.S. Price raises Saturday February 18th at noon EST, so take action today.


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