How To Make Yourself More Attractive In Just 10 Seconds

Yea, I admit the title of this post sounds too good to be true, but it’s not.

I’m about to share with you something that can boost your attractiveness level in literally 10 seconds, or less.

What the heck could that be?

Keep reading and you’ll find out.

As men, and specifically, as a man in demand, we all are looking for ways to increase our attractiveness level to the opposite sex.

Between hairstyles, custom suits, a heavy dose of confidence and the gift of gab, there’s a multitude of ways you can do that, especially if you’re wanting to get to the next level of game.

But, did you know this one simple thing you can do can actually increase how you’re PERCEIVED by people?

There was a study conducted by a company that makes gum. Yes, gum. And while granted, I’m sure the company loves these results, I’ve found personally, I get more IOI’s when I DO chew gum…


“A chewing gum company has created an art installation featuring identical twins to find out what impression chewing gum makes on the public.

For the Almost Identical exhibition, Beldent put the siblings together inside the Buenos Aires Museum of Contemporary Art and asked one to chew a stick of gum while the other maintained a neutral expression.

When 481 visitors were asked a series of questions about the twins, 73 per cent preferred the gum chewers.

The respondents were asked questions like:

‘Which one do you think gets invited to more parties?’

‘Which one is more popular?’ and ‘Which one do you think has a better sex life?’

After putting on headphones and listening to a series of questions, they indicated their answers on lighted touch-sensitive pads.

Though chewing gum is frowned upon by etiquette guides, the findings seemed to suggest that it may make people seem more approachable.

Conversely, the twins not chewing gum were chosen for questions such as ‘Which one is more likely to get invited to bridge games?’ and ‘Which one do you think is the bad cop?'”

You can read the entire article and see pics of the study here.

So, will chewing gum make women swoon at the sight of you?

Probably not, unless you have your style, swagger and confidence on full-tilt as well, however, any little edge helps and if chewing gum can help you be more attractive, then grab a pack, chew on a piece and maybe, just maybe, your approaches will stick a bit more.

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2 Replies to “How To Make Yourself More Attractive In Just 10 Seconds”

  1. I’ve found that having gum to offer while being offered questions works just as well. The cheaper the gum the better.


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