“Mmm oh hey honey, I just woke up”

She faked a yawn and motioned for me to be quiet.

I was literally balls deep in her.

A cute blonde, nothing to write home about, but an easy lay was telling me to be quiet.

While I was balls deep in her. Like I said.

Her phone had been ringing off the hook, if cell phones had ‘hooks’.

Some guy named ‘Baby’.

But I’ll back up here before I tell you what happened.

I met her in Vegas at a club I was working as VIP Host at.

Being a host in Vegas will get you as much ‘passive pussy’ as one wants.

Enough that your dick might fall off, or enough that having sex might even start feeling like a chore.

You see, back then at least (Vegas nightlife has fallen in many ways), being a host equaled status.

Girls would approach me with their hotel name and room number scrawled on it in barely legible handwriting.

I once went to the right room at the wrong hotel…

And a sleepy woman in her 50’s answered the door at almost 5am.

No, I didn’t bang HER, but at that moment I considered making a play.

Anyways, this particular girl had given me her number after I hooked up her and her friends with a comped girls table.

I didn’t know she was the bride.

She wasn’t wearing one of those tacky as hell whatever-they-are-called string across their body announcing that some idiot is going to marry them.

I took the napkin, smirked and told her to give me her number too.

I didn’t want to repeat the right room, wrong hotel mistake from before.

She put her number in my phone like so and with that she scampered off. I finished my shift and texted her when I was done.

She met up with me at her hotel lobby, we went up to her room (she shockingly wasn’t roomed up with 5 other girls like most girls do in Vegas), and went to town having sex.

I flipped her over and started to pipe her out doggy style.

All was well. She had a good body.

She was face down and her phone was on the bed face up and it started ringing.

Somebody ‘named’ Baby.

I ignored like a stud champ and kept piping her out.

She was into it and I didn’t think much of it, until it rang again.

And again.

And again until she reached over and hit the Silent button to ignore the call.

Then, it rang again and she looked back at me told me to “Shhh” and put her finger to her lips.

I stopped my thrusting. She answered the phone with a fake yawn.

“Mmm oh hey honey, I just woke up”

It hit me who Baby was.

She continued spewing careful lies.

“Yea Vegas has been okay, but I can’t wait to get back to see you.”

I started to pull out…inch by inch…

“No, I went to bed kind of early. Going to shower and then meet the girls for lunch before we drive back to LA”.

I pulled out completely. I was going soft as her deception hit my nutsack.

She motioned for me to be quiet again. I guess the suction sound of my cock retreating from her pussy made some noise in the phone.

Probably sounded like the Whooosh a car wash makes when your whip rides on the rack and the dryer comes on.

She got off the phone and I asked, “Who was that?”

I just wanted to hear what she would say.

“Oh, that’s just my fiancé. We’re getting married in 3 months”.




Listen, I’m not naïve.

I know girls go to Vegas cheeks red and flushed with excitement upon their arrival of ‘What Happens In Vegas Stays In Vegas’ and then leave with their ass cheeks red and flushed from being spanked by a VIP Host.

But still, it was MY Red Pill Moment.

The point of this post isn’t to lament the behavior of women in Sin City.

The point is to shed some light on how women can BE, so you’re not naïve.

Women lie. And yes, men lie too.

But be aware.

Be smart.

What was YOUR Red Pill moment?

Leave a comment below with YOUR story and I’ll pick one to be the winner of FREE Access to A Man In Demand Academy (a $397 Value).

9 Replies to ““Mmm oh hey honey, I just woke up””

  1. Great story McQueen. I too have laid some pipe on a few married/engaged chicks in my day. It’s always a sobering reminder that women cheat just as much as men. We get pegged as the dogs but they are just better at hiding it.


  2. Met a girl during spring break in Ocean City Maryland 2 years back. Curvy, big tits and a thick juicy ass that shoved guys in their heads when she’d walk by. I was working at a piercing store when she walked in with her girlfriend. You knew she was a bad bitch just by the way all my coworkers were chomping at the bits to “assist” her.

    I barely managed to hold my cool when she came over to me and asked me about different body piercings. TBH there’s no way she didn’t know, it was probably just a conversation starter. Long story short i go for the number and right as she pulls her phone out, her friend bursts out of nowhere: “HEY SHE HAS A BOYFRIEND”!! Grabs her by the wrist and they dart out of the store. Standing there confused, i returned to work. *Shrugs* “Oh well”..

    The next day she returned to the store….alone ;)…but I don’t make any moves. In my mind her friend would probably be there any second. Before i know it, the girl walks up to me and starts up a conversation. This time around i ask for her number and she says sure..”by the way, we broke up last night”.

    Dear Diary, That ass was amazing!



  3. I had similar situation few years ago when I fucked my colleague on daily bases. She was sexy as hell and crazy as bitten bitch and I knew that she had a LTR (about 5 yrs), but I really didn’t care. So one night we had a great fuck, but I couldn’t understand why this time her bf was calling so excessively. then she told me that her bf proposed to her few hours earlier and she just hasn’t decided yet to say yes or no. I laught little bit and with sarcasm and little smirk on my face aswered that she really should think about it.


  4. I like to compare my red pill moment to a “spider bite”, you get bit, and think eh it’ll be ok. You see it starting to get red & itch, don’t think too much of it, put some itch cream on it & keep it moving. Next thing you know shits infected & now you’ve gotta get it your arm amputated. My ex girlfriend was batshit crazy, but it wasn’t until I spent a night & a half in jail after 3 years of letting the chick drain every inch of my energy to accept it. Never been a violent person, in fact never even been in a fight in my 25 years of living. Even to this day I think to myself, there were so many signs, but back then I was too beta to face the truth. She was a party girl, & a single mother. I worked 3rd shift and took care of every bill in the home. One day she came in screaming at me because her iPhone (I paid for) wasn’t on. I told her to pay the bill. Then came the typical “you ain’t shit speech. Disrespecting me & my family (who also told me to stay away from her) and told me to get out. Confused & half asleep I argued back, things got physical. Next day I get arrested & served restraining order papers which stated I wasn’t allowed near MY home, around her, or her daughter (guess who was the designated babysitter while she was worked part time at a hotel). If it weren’t for my mom I would’ve been homeless. I could write a book on the things I let slide, snatching my keys out of my ignition while driving costing me 500 for a new starter, calling me her exes name during drunk sex, even telling her own daughter to shut the fuck up while she napped, the list goes on.


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