“Just stick it in…baby. We BOTH want you…”

Let me tell you, when you have TWO hot girls on a bed after a night of partying and they’re begging you to have sex with them, there’s not much that could sway your decision…

But something felt slightly off.

They were both hot in that super hot club partying girl way.

Fake tits, tan, Louboutin heels, little dresses and pouty lips (no doubt from lip fillers), but STILL…there’s men who would drop racks of cash for this experience…

Yea, that might not be your type of girl, but when you’re on a bed with them, they have their dresses off and are fondling you with their tits pushed into you, I guaranfuckingtee they’re your type, in that moment.

But, before I break it all down, I’ll back up and share HOW I met them and what led to the crazy events that unfolded, including one of them picking up a giant glass vase and chucking it across the room into the wall…

And you might pick up some tips from my experience that can help your Game.

I went out that night to hang with a promoter friend of mine.

Those of you that know the nightlife world, know that promoters can be your best friend or your worst enemy.

He was known for bringing girls (aka a girls guy), so I knew along with an abundance of free alcohol, there would be women and lots of them.

The night went great. I was doing my usual thing of pouring shots in girls mouths while telling them, “Cup the balls”, they’d laugh and motion like they were cupping balls at the end of the bottle.

Hey, when in a club don’t expect class from women.

One of the girls I knew from a guy she used to date who I knew.

He was to put it frankly, an idiot, screwed myself and 3 others guys out of a large sum of cash, so I had zero loyalty.

She was digging me and I was digging her tight petite frame and long blonde hair.

Another girl in the group had THAT charm going on.

You know the one; that Black Widow charm that you know isn’t good long-term, but for a night…could be great.

As the night concluded in the club, Black Widow girl suggested we party at her cool loft overlooking the Sunset Strip.

Sure, why not.

A group of us Ubered over to her place and once inside the party really got started.

There was around 7 people, including me and the other guys were acting as thirsty as can be.

Cockblocking each other, making loud braggadocio claims about their sexual prowess and other amateur shenanigans.


I was chilling on her balcony, lying low.

As you advance with Game, you’ll realize sometimes the best move in certain social situations is being present, but NOT being involved.

Let the other mofos tire themselves out with stupidity while you essentially ‘wait them out’.

People started drifting out of the party and eventually it was me, the 2 girls and a black guy with some game.

Now, let me clear: black dudes with game are EXPERTS at the waiting game.

They’ll wait and wait and wait and it’ll be damn near 10am, you’re tired as fuck and they’re still just waiting until you fold your cards.

If you’re a black dude with game, you know exactly what I’m talking about.

So anyways, we’re chilling and the black dude starts acting crazy.

He was doing that shit they love in LA, that looks like baking soda and I was not.

The girls were dabbling in it too.

Not the end of the world, but I was keeping an eye on their intake, because having been to enough Hollywood parties, if they went too far, they’d start acting crazy too.

I’m having a cig on the balcony and Black Widow chick comes out to join me.

She pulls her little party dress top down and flashes her fake tits to people driving down Sunset (1st Red Flag).

It’s around 10am on a Sunday at this point.

Trodden down dads in mini-vans are careening almost off the road trying to get a glimpse while simultaneously ducking their ugly wife’s fist as she swung at them.

I laugh and act CASUAL.

Remember, gentlemen, the more excited you act about a naked girl, the more turned OFF she’ll be.

Women want an experienced man who knows how to conduct himself around gorgeous women.

That doesn’t mean you can’t look, but if so, remember this scene from Nip/Tuck, and throw some slight criticism in there.

My go-to is “Not bad”, with a bored look. Works everytime because now they have to prove how badass their body is.

So she’s flashin’ drivers, I’m puffing away amused at the whole situation and the black dude is literally running around her kitchen island with his eyes bugged out.

I knew it was just a matter of time before he crashed or she kicked him out.


Her face got this crazy look on it (2nd Red Flag) and she charged in, grabbed a broom and started whacking the dude.

He was a big mofo, probably 6’4″ and easily 220, so it didn’t hurt him, but it snapped him out of his ‘happy’ place and he left in a hurry.


I stayed. The setting was right, although her broom incident was a bit concerning.

Then again, he was acting like an idiot, so I couldn’t be too mad at her. It was her loft and if someone acted like that in my crib, I’d throw them out fast as hell.

Now, the blonde was just hanging out chill for the most part and I had put in some ‘work’ with her while all the craziness was going on.

At one point at this afterparty, I’d taken her in the bathroom and we fooled around, aka she felt my cock and got excited, but I teased her and said she had to wait a bit.

Tell a chick on blow that and watch her about rip your clothes off. Fun times.

So Black Widow puts her magic broom away and then grabs me by the hand and takes me in her bedroom to her massive bed.

Perfect for a threesome.

The blonde stood by the doorway being shy, but me being a man, said, “Come over here” and she obeyed.

So we’re all on the bed and kissing starts, their dresses come off (they still have heels on) and what is 99.9% of guys fantasy is about to happen.

My cock is out, hard as a rock and then something (to this day don’t know exactly what it was) just told me to leave.

Black Widow noticed me hesitate and she said, “Just stick it in…baby. We BOTH want you…” while bending over and assuming the doggy position.

I don’t know about you, but when a solid fucking 8.5 (9 to most guys) bends over buttass naked with heels on and asks you to stick it in, well, it would take a fucking earthquake to stop it (and even then I’d probably say fuckit and go for it cuz it would be one helluva way to die).


I was sober as a nun. I had stopped drinking at the club and this point it was around 10am, so that was basically 8 HOURS I had to sober up.

So I was of clear mind and was thinking very rational and had seen her little red flags flare up here and there, Black Widow’s.

I stood up, put on my pants and said, “Sorry girls, not today”.

They were stunned.

Their mouths literally dropped open.


I walked into her living room (to leave) and Black Widow followed me out, still naked in heels of course.

She picked up a giant glass vase on her kitchen island and chucked it in my general direction (3rd Red Flag). Not directly at me, but close enough.

It hit the wall and shattered.

She started screaming at me (sidebar gents: a hot woman is NEVER used to being rejected so it CAN set them off), and I walked out the door never to see either of them again.

Now, I know that’s not a super crazy story.

I know it’s rather anti-climatic, but it’s true and there’s a point behind all of this.

Trust. Your. Gut.

Her flashing Sunset drivers? Not a big deal and par for a party girl, but a little out there.

Her hitting the black dude with a broom? Eh, that’s a bit much. She could have calmly just told him to leave.

Throwing a glass vase in my direction? Certified nuts.

So, me trusting my gut may have saved me from a terrible situation.

I may have been pounding away on her with the blonde having great sex and her snap, jump up and accuse me of some shit.


Point is?

I have no regrets in the situation because I trusted MY GUT and exited. It could be that I stayed and would have had a great time and nothing bad would have happened…BUT:

You have to trust your Player Instincts that have been honed with hundreds and even thousands of interactions with pretty women that is telling you something deep down and you should listen.

Even if that means passing up on a threesome with TWO 8.5’s.

Even if that means cancelling that date you might have planned with that hot model.

Even if that means you block the number from that stripper who gives you great head, but you know is showing massive red flags.

It’s better to be safe than sorry and it’s better to live another day to meet hotter and more stable women.

Good luck as you approach, do your thing and don’t forget: Trust. Your. Gut.

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3 Replies to ““Just stick it in…baby. We BOTH want you…””

  1. This was an epic story. I hope I get to the point in my game where I have these opportunities popping up on a regular basis, even if the girls end up being psychos. It’s good to have high quality problems.


  2. Score one for the guys! Should have fucked her in the ass while the blonde sucked your balls, wipe your knob on the bedsheets and get the last bus home!!!


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