Episode #78: The Rollo Tomassi Interview

In Episode 78 of A Man In Demand Radio, I welcome the great Rollo Tomassi, an astute author and giant among men.

In this exclusive (3-hour) interview, we discuss everything from the Current State of Man in 2017 to politics (lightly), to hypergamy, and much more, including answering all of your questions that you posted in the Comments section of his blog and on my forum.

This is 3 plus hours of great insight and wisdom from Rollo and is not to be missed…

Show Notes

  • How the Red Pill can help you raise your children (specifically daughters)
  • The use of Game in relationships and marriage
  • The epidemic of the anti-male agenda in the media
  • When Rollo’s 3rd book is coming out and what’s inside
  • Rollo’s advice to ‘himself at 15 years old’
  • All readers questions answered covering a variety of topics
  • And much, much more!

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Episode 78: The Rollo Tomassi Interview

4 Replies to “Episode #78: The Rollo Tomassi Interview”

  1. Thanks for the feedback Baz. Your comment inspired a game thought I’ve never seen discussed much (and maybe an OG of slitting slits like Mr.CMQ will address this topic)-
    who tends to be better lays- older milfs or the barely legal girls?

    One of my friends with a high notch cont says older chicks (i.e. 30s milfs) are often better than younger ones and some of the best lays he’s ever had have been from 6s and 7s milfs. I can tell you from my own experiences that Ive tried different body types and like the rap video and Colombian looking stereotypical wide hips a lot better than the rail thin fashion model body type (Of course I’ve never had a barely legal 9 or 10- hence why I want to learn some game).

    What do you guys think?


  2. Eric

    I am also an older guy, in my mid 40s now, although I have the advantage of youthful looks (could pass for early/mid 30s). I occasionally do the club scene and sometimes have some success with hipster/artsy chicks (that’s kind of my niche) but in general I would say day gaming is the way to go. Just try to be open to chatting casually to not just women but anyone as you go about your daily business, coffee shops can be good, clothes stores, even libraries, plenty of opportunities if you’re in a big town/city, so long as you dress pretty well, have some confidence about you and can inject some witty banter in your conversation where required – the last girl I was with prior to my current gf was a mid 20s European girl, ok not a stunner, a 6 at best, but I was happy I could still pull mid 20s tail at my age, it shows it can be done by ordinary guys (i’m a slight skinny dude, average to slight above average looks).



  3. McQueen,
    Tell me what’s the right play-
    I’m late 30s and don’t have a ton of experience with women (I missed the game boat in my youth).
    I look around the site and see you’re a cool, younger guy with tons of hot girls at these nightspots. I know some chicks dig older guys but that’s guys who weren’t fucked up and now have tons of experience.

    Tell me, how can older guys like me pull hot young early 20s girls in America?

    Is day game better for a guy like me at this point (should I just forget the clubs)?

    Would I be better off seeking out older (i.e. 30s and 40s) women online because these young chicks tend to be less receptive?



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