Your Vote Counts

As you can clearly see, there’s been a massive aesthetic overhaul of this blog. I’m in the midst of ‘decluttering’ many things in my life and streamlining down to the bare minimum.

The quick and easy reason is that in my haste to take on too much, I’ve had to reference my No List I wrote in 2016 for the new year and put the brakes on again for a few projects.

What does that mean for this blog and you, the reader?

It means this blog isn’t going anywhere, however, I am experimenting with a minimalist design so that your reading experience is superb.

In essence, I’m putting the focus totally on the writing.

In blogging it’s easy to caught up in making one’s blog as flashy and fancy as possible, but before you know it, the banners, ads and slick style overshadows what blogging is all about: writing.

So, I’d like to get your vote.

I have two very simple questions for you which will take a whopping total of 5 seconds to answer…

Click your preferences below (it cookies your vote based on your IP, so if you’re bored and want to skew the votes it won’t let you) and let me know.

1. The New Site Layout: digging it, or nah?

2. I am considering starting a NEW FREE Email List where’d I send you a DAILY email (nothing super long, but high level content only) after you opt-in of course. This would be content that’s not on this blog and exclusive only to the email list. What do you think? Vote below.

What else is going on?

Well, I have a ton going on outside of my blogging life, so that’s been keeping me busy, however, I am gearing up for some more major changes with this blog and will keep you updated.

The podcast, A Man In Demand Radio, has been crushing it and now has hit 100,000 downloads and has over 1,000 members which is incredible for a paid podcast.

In fact, according to I’ve had more downloads than Tony Robbin’s podcast which is free (he has a channel on Podbean as well), albeit he does have more followers. You can check the stats for yourself on as I know that sounds incredulous.

So, the podcast isn’t going anywhere either and you can expect more great guests and content week in and week out.

Thanks for being a loyal reader of this blog and for voting above. I’m honored to have such incredible readers and appreciate you.

Here’s to a great weekend,


P.S. Have additional feedback on the new blog layout, or want to tell me how cool a free daily advice email sounds? Tweet me.