How To Create ‘Magic’ With Women

“Turn up the music and thanks!” I commanded the SUV driver to crank the music louder.

It was already loud.

But, I’m basically deaf from years of pulling sexy girls out of nightclubs and I wanted it louder for another reason…

I wanted the music to envelope this girl and I.

To create a cocoon of passion and energy that she would never forget.

I was creating ‘magic’.

Just a few hours earlier I had met this sexy girl out at the least expected joint: a dive bar my buddies and I had stopped by to pre-game.

She was sexy. The bar wasn’t.

The bar even had the name ‘dog’ etched into the sign barely hanging above the door. And there were dogs inside the bar, really.

My buddy opened a couple of girls, I swooped in and we did what we do. Being a great wing-man is paramount when out. Find out how to be a great wing man here.

Shots start flowing, because no matter how many times I swear off shots they come rip-roaring back into my life with the vengeance of a thousand Zeus’s.

And by rip-roaring I mean there’s no better way to get girls loose FAST then to order a round of shots and toast to “Beautiful women with dirty thoughts”…

Which no one in the group ever realizes is a blatant rip-off from the Rum Diaries movie, but then again, no one saw that movie, so who cares?

I snag the tall blonde with a perfect body and blue-green eyes to possibly die for and bounce her elsewhere.

By elsewhere, for any of the lucky few in the world who has rolled out with me, knows that means EVERYWHERE…

This chick and I are rolling into venues no wait, no cover, slamming comped drinks and overall having a great time.

The tone is set.

She’s already having a great time seeing how my world is when I roll out, but, I’m ready to take it up another notch.

Getting into clubs and lounges easily, drinking for free and seeing the ‘bright side’ of nightlife is nothing new to this 24-year-old. She’s flown all over the world and Summer’s from the South of France to the South Hampton’s.

Okay. Time to reach into the ole’ toolbox and do something really magical…

We’re venue bouncing again, yes, a classic thing to do to build trust in a woman when you first meet her yada yada yada, however I do it for one reason I’ve never seen anyone mention on a blog before:

Because I want to.

It’s no secret I enjoy socializing and nightlife and my night ends when I decide it does. She’s along for the ride, or not.

See the difference? The vibe shifts too.

As we stepped outside of a particular Manhattan club I get bum rushed by all the private drivers who lurk outside of it like sharks circling prey. They are sharks, except they drive overpriced limos and SUVs.

They walk up with big Cheshire cat smiles plastered on their faces exclaiming, “I know you big boss!”, while I smirk knowing they are just that good.

They want money. Hell, it’s NYC, everyone does. You’re either about your bills in this city or you’re not of this city.

So, I know it’s an act they do to make the customer feel good and hopefully separate them from a bill or two for a 5 block ride.

And it works. By the time I usually am attempting to go home, I’ll spring for something a bit more posh.

Like the time I wound up in the back of a white limo laying on my back chugging vodka from the bottle while ranting to the limo driver about how bad Playa Del Carmen is. True story, happened the week after I got back.

The girl looks at me and says, “You’ve only lived here 6 months. How do you know literally everyone?”

“Cuz I’m me” I retort, wink, grab her hand and lead her to an overpriced SUV following a rotund man who’s greedily counting the money in his head.

Yes, this motherfucker was about to make out like a bandit, but it was worth it.

“Turn up the music and thanks!” I commanded the SUV driver to crank the music louder.

He cranks on rap and here’s the thing: I usually prefer rap or house music at this hour of the morning.

A. It’s ALL about energy in the car. If you’re pulling a girl from a club or bar and you get in a Uber and there’s SILENCE, well then my friend, that silence will be deafening.

It will kill the energy and vibe and that will reduce or eliminate any sexual tension.

I believe this one little ‘move’ has garnered me more pussy than anything else when pulling.

When you get in a Uber, Lyft, taxi or a rickshaw, crank that shit!

It spikes the energy, keeps the girls in a fun mood and hell, you’ll have the driver jamming too.

Or, you’ll get them so pissed they pull over, go into their back hatch and pull a Glock on you and your group. That happened in Hollywood, but with my powers of persuasion convinced him to put the gun away and drink with us.

Ha, the audacity of believing in yourself!

B. The music creates a sort of Club-in-the-Car vibe.

Remember the last time you were in a Party Bus?

Yea, those giant tacky buses with strobe lights, stripper poles and songs from the 90’s blaring.

I’ll bet you felt awake and were, even begrudgingly, *cough* having fun.

Same concept, less tacky.

Music up. Energy high. Make out with the girl (or girls). You get it.

Like I stated, he’s blasting Drake about how no one will call him on his cell phone or some shit and I tell him to flip the stations.

Ready for a Pro-Tip?

You never know WHICH song is going to set a girl off.

Playing Drake whining about some hoe never calling him back after he took her shopping in Bal Harbor COULD trigger memories of her ex…

Or, just a fantastic shopping spree with a NBA player named Raqueesh.

So, now you know which songs to play: party songs.

But I didn’t this night.

The driver starts flipping stations and then like a sign from the game gods, the sweet sound of a symphony came over the speakers.

I for real thought Michael the Archangel had just gotten in the SUV using Uber Pool.

This was IT. You’ll know when ‘it’ hits you.

“Right there, that’s it!” I told the driver.

I personally enjoy that type of music, but it had never occurred to me to put that on when leaving a club.

The affect was staggering.

The look on this girl’s face was priceless.

Her breasts were glorious.

She straddled me (on her own) and we were kissing as this happy driver started to weave his way around Manhattan.

“Where to?” he said as he winked at me in the rear view mirror.

“Just drive. Most scenic route. Along that river whatever the hell it’s called.”

He laughed, I buried my face in gorgeous breasts and this girl?

Well, she took her top off.

Now we were really free.

So, here’s the picture:

Black SUV on some road beside one of the two famous rivers here in NYC (hell, I can never remember which one it is) speeding along. I’m in the back seat (1st row) planted firmly in the middle with my sport coat off.

Except her breasts were out and I have a beard.

This sexy as fuck tall blonde girl is straddling me with her top off and her amazing breasts firmly in my face with her nipples like pebbles, cuz you know the windows were down and the symphony music was BLARING, so there was that..

Oh, I forgot that part, did I? I had the back windows rolled down.

It was warm this weekend and the rush of NYC lights flashing by, the almost hint of Summer air hitting my nose and the smell of sexy young skin on a beautiful girl on my lap made for a very sensory experience.

And it did for her as well.

In between passionate kissing with (insert name of some famous composer who I don’t know) blaring from the speakers and surprised looks from people riding in cars pulling up beside us at stop lights, she said:

“This is magical”

Her eyes glistened like only a girl’s eyes can when she is 100% truly IN the moment, and in THAT moment, something happened…

It’s happened to me a few times in my life, maybe only 15-20 times in 32 years, with a girl…

Time Stands Still.

It truly is magical.

Or, it’s the 7 vodka shots, but regardless of what it is, there was multiple factors that led up to this point and I challenge you to create YOUR own magical moment this weekend with a sexy girl.

Here’s The Ingredients You’ll Need

  1. A sexy girl
  2. Isolation. Can’t have magical moments with your boys hovered over your shoulder and her annoying girlfriend harping about a hotdog stand 2 blocks away.
  3. Being present. If you’re not present, this will not work.
  4. Passion. If you don’t feel passion with her, then it’s not going to work.
  5. Create ‘it’. “Well what the fuck is IT, Christian?” But, I can’t help you with that part of the ingredients. If you’ve been reading in between the lines in this post, then you’ll know exactly what to do, but here’s a hint: think outside of traditional ‘game’, moves you’ve maybe used for years. Just let the adventure grab you…

When the timing is right and everything comes together (some from your planning, some from your game experience and some from you being a boss and taking the lead), you’ll know it and I advise to do one thing when ‘it’ happens:

Live in that moment.

Breathe it in.

Enjoy the hell out of it.

These types of moments are rare and when they happen, you’ll know that for just a moment, however brief, time stood still and magic was real.

So what happened to me and the girl?

Eventually I had the driver make his way to her apartment, we went inside and I did this to her.

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