What happens when you put myself and Ross Jefferies in a room together?

Apparently we’ll both be in Orlando this Fall.

You want dates, right?

I’ll get to that in a moment, but here’s a little back story on how this is happening.

I was approached by Anthony Johnson, founder of The 21 Convention, to speak at this year’s 10th Anniversary Convention in Orlando, Florida.

Rollo Tomassi, (listen to the latest 3+ hour interview with him here), from The Rational Male book and blog fame, had suggested to Anthony to invite me to speak at The 21 Convention.

As many of you know (and attended), I put together the A Man In Demand Seminar a couple of years ago and invited my ‘Rat Pack’ to speak as well. Rollo Tomassi, Tanner Guzy and Goldmund.

That seminar was a smashing success and we planned to do another one.

And then, life happened. Putting together a mult-day seminar is no easy task. In fact, it’s pretty damn hard.

The Rat Pack had discussed doing it this Fall in Vegas again, but with our hectic schedules, kept hitting the ‘pause’ button.

Until Anthony called.

He convinced Rollo to speak (I believe via Tanner), Rollo suggested me, I suggested Goldmund and Ed Latimore (I believe Rollo suggested them as well) and here we are.

And Ross Jefferies will be there too.

Along with 23 other speakers teaching on everything from Game to Fitness.

What will I be teaching?

Not Game as hard as that might seem.

Game has been beaten to death and I am already speaking on that topic at the Playboy Summit 2017 NYC here in about a month (congrats to you lucky gents who copped a ticket), so I chose my other passion, one that isn’t discussed much in these parts of the web: Entrepreneurship, specifically, creating and growing your own online business.

It’ll be epic, informative and as always with my info, groundbreaking, and hopefully you’ll be there to watch me live in front of hundreds of men break shit down in a clear manner for everyone in attendance aka how to make money online and do it right, without being an idiot.

Alright, the details, here you go:


Thursday September 28th – Sunday October 1st 2017

Yes, yes this year and there’s a bunch of cool stuff you also get like a VIP Dinner with the speakers, access to private parties and your own personal girlfriend for the weekend. Kidding about the girlfriend, but everything else is true.


Orlando, Florida (apparently they have some great strip clubs…)

Exact location of the resort is being sent out 1 month before the convention for privacy reasons.

Ticket Info

=====>Get My Ticket Now, Before They Get Expensive and I Kick Myself for Not Acting NOW When I Had This Kickass Opportunity Christian Is Offering Me

Ticket Deadlines

Prices jump like a mofo in just 5 days and some hours ticking down lickety split, so I’d act now. All ticket price info you’ll find at the official page.

Note: I have NO affiliation with The 21 Convention, in terms of founding, or creating it. I was asked to give a session and am doing so. The links to The 21 Convention are AFFILIATE links and after a certain amount sold, I get a small portion of the ticket sales from MY link aka it’ll pay for my flight, hotel and perhaps some alcoholic beverages and lap dances in Orlando. If you’re buying a ticket, I’d kindly ask you buy one via my links, so I get credit. Cool? Thanks.

Lastly, there’s a pretty cool video trailer for the convention, plus ALL the details and jazz at the link below.

Click it.

Get your ticket (they skyrocket in price very soon).

And see you there.

=====>Get My Ticket Now, Before They Get Expensive and I Kick Myself for Not Acting NOW When I Had This Kickass Opportunity Christian Is Offering Me 

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