Episode #80: The Ultimate Style & Grooming Guide for Men with Special Guest Patrick Kenger (PivotImage.com)

In Episode #80 of A Man In Demand Radio, I welcome men’s image and style consultant Patrick Kenger from PivotImage.com. Patrick has been featured in Men’s Journal for his work in helping men develop their style and overhauling their image.

This episode is the most in-depth podcast episode ever recorded in the history of mankind on men’s style and grooming.

For real.

This episode clocks in at 2 hours and 15 minutes and it’s Next Level Style, Grooming and Game tips.

Here’s a peek of just some of what you’re about to hear:

  • Clothing items that get good response rates from women
  • The importance of wearing items and pieces that women can comment on (and what those pieces are)
  • What to wear/ what not to wear when going out
  • Dressing to attract different types of women
  • Why you shouldn’t default to the standard “going out” look every other guy has
  • Styling yourself to communicate sexuality
  • How to stand out with your style, without looking out of place
  • How your look should match your personality and game
  • Thinking of your image as your “armor”
  • Trends vs. timeless style
  • How what you wear and how you look determines your mindset when you’re out
  • Dress codes and getting past hard doors in nightlife
  • The 5 staples of clothing every man should own for going out clothes
  • Secret tips to make your jaw line more defined
  • Our top Skincare and Hair recommendations (including an awesome reveal by Patrick for men experiencing thinning hair)
  • And a ton more. Like I mentioned above, this episode is 2 hours and 15 minutes long…

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Episode #80: The Ultimate Style & Grooming Guide for Men with Special Guest Patrick Kenger (PivotImage.com)


Enjoyed Patrick’s advice? Use special code “CMQ” on his website for a 15% discount off his style and image consulting packages. See those here.

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