Episode #81: The Playboy’s Guide To Doing Summer Right (Getting Paid, Getting Laid & Having The Time of Your Life)

In Episode #81 of A Man In Demand Radio, I share how to make Summer 2017 your best yet. Just because you’re a grown man doesn’t mean you can’t make this Summer enjoyable and you know what’s really enjoyable?

Getting paid and getting laid and summertime is when girls trade winter scarves for tiny bikinis, nightlife heats up and people spend more money.

Shouldn’t you get your slice of the action?

In This Episode You Will Discover:

  • Rant Time: I drop some cold hard truth about business. Clocking in at 20 minutes this is an epic rant you won’t want to miss.
  • The exact Summer schedule I use to maximize my work time, so my free time is much more rewarding (this will shock you how much more free time you’ll have)
  • The Play-cation System I use. Doesn’t matter if you work from home, an office, or online, it’ll work for you to make money while having fun
  • How ‘hustling’ will create an unusual feeling in women and help you attract more of them
  • How to use Summer to leverage your business to make MORE $$$. Summer is  a great time to get your business going full-throttle grabbing the opportunity the ‘Summer Economy’ is handing to you on a silver platter
  • A Special Announcement members of A Man In Demand Radio are getting to hear first and access to when it launches. It’s 100% free, the highest value I’ve ever given to you and my Summer Gift, so don’t worry; won’t cost you a dime and it’ll make this Summer absolutely kick ass in ways you can’t even imagine…
  • And much, much more…

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Episode #81: The Playboy’s Guide To Doing Summer Right (Getting Paid, Getting Laid & Having The Time of Your Life)

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