Episode #82: The Anthony Johnson Interview (How to Deal With Damaged Women Without Sacrificing Your Sanity)

Brace yourselves gentlemen…

This podcast is not for the faint of heart.

It’s for the men who might have a broken heart.

That might sound dramatic, but never before have I recorded a podcast with a guest who pulled back the curtain on his personal experience dealing with damaged women, how he overcame that experience and ultimately became a better man, to such an extent, then this one.

I’ll put it plainly: if you’ve ever been dumped, or dealt with a damaged woman, or suspect you might be dating one, tune the fuck in.

I know you’re eager to hit ‘Play’, so here’s some of what you’re about to learn.

In This Episode You Will Discover:

  • How Anthony completed over 6,000 approaches in his early 20’s. Yes, over 6,000 *that’s not a typo
  • Still want to get married? A little-known legal loophole that will allow you to, but not be tied to her for spousal support of any kind (I didn’t even know it existed and was blown away)
  • The 3 Elements Cluster B women use when meeting and seducing a guy and how you can see it coming from a mile away so you avoid pain and suffering
  • Anthony’s Nightmare Marriage, how it started out innocently until he was sucked in, then overcame it without losing his life or freedom
  • The EXACT 3-Step Strategy that had Anthony over her in mere months, instead of years and how you can use it right now to get over your ex
  • And a ton more…1 hour 20 Minute interview

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Episode #82: The Anthony Johnson Interview (How to Deal With Damaged Women Without Sacrificing Your Sanity)

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