The Playboy’s Guide to Candles: Light a Spark In Your Kingdom

Your kingdom aka your crib aka your home whether that’s a shitty studio in the seedy area of town (lived there), or a mansion on the ocean (lived there), or a penthouse in a major city (live there) is your DOMAIN.

The ambiance of your home should be peaceful and allow for you to do deep work.

My home is important to me.

One, because I work from it.

I don’t get up to put on a suit and go into an office. And I make money while I sleep (find out how here), so it’s very imperative to me that I have an environment that is conducive to Money Runs (more on that in the near future) and overall productivity.

I never have a TV blaring, because I don’t own one. If I want to watch a show I do on my laptop.

Having CNN fake news blaring in the background isn’t conducive to me getting to where I’m going in life.

Having a blaring radio with the latest right-wing talk show host blubbering about the end of the world isn’t conducive to me getting to where I’m going in life either.

I prefer to work with deep progressive non-vocal house mixes on like this one:

Studies show (yea, I’m saying it, but being too lazy to pull them up) that listening to this type of music can put one in a trance and they get more shit done. It’s been this way for me since I was in college and has never stopped, so I’ll stick with it.

The other important element to me is a SPOTLESS home.

I despise filth.

Filth is a reflection of one’s soul…

Or maybe not, cuz plenty of psychos have squeaky clean homes (see any BPD chick usually), however, a dirty home is not a peaceful home.

One day I’ll do a photo tour of my home and different ways I have set it up to create a zen environment that could be used for a pro photo shoot at anytime.

So let’s break this down:

  1. Peaceful home
  2. The right audio, setting an ambiance
  3. Military level cleanliness

and what else…?

There’s one other aspect of my home that is crucial to me and no, that’s not the giant tree in the corner of my living room that’s about 9′ foot tall.

It’s candles.

But, before I breakdown what candle brands are the best, there’s another little pro-tip you should know about…

What is your home Ambiance Theme?

By that I mean what VIBE does your home give off?

Is it seductive in a Bond style of way?

Is it rugged in a cool modern cabin way?

More than just the furniture and art on the walls, what does your home make you FEEL like?

I set the vibe of my home to be like an upscale showroom for high-end art, or a luxury designer goods store.

Deep progressive melodic house music, candles burning almost 24/7 and everything crisp, clean and like it’s almost UNLIVED in…

That’s me.

Find your own vibe, but finding the right vibe for YOU will help you be congruent when you have girls over for mind-blowing sex, when you conduct business meetings in your kitchen and when you want to chill and read my latest book about how to have mind-blowing sex.

Back to candles…

There’s candles and then there are candles and you get what you pay for.

Buying a shitty Glade candle from Wal-Greens will only piss you off as you stare at it burning for an hour and have to put your nose OVER the damn thing to catch even a hint of whatever generic scent it’s supposed to be.

I know cuz I’ve bought those and always regretted it right after lighting the motherfuckers.

The BEST candles I’ve found that are excellent in quality, scent and burn time are the following:

#1. Nest Aroma

These fuckers burn so well that you actually don’t want to burn them very long as they will overwhelm your home in aroma.

NYC made and the price to match these will set you back $40 a pop, but last months depending on how much you burn them.

Player Approved Scents:

  • Moroccan Amber Classic (if this scent doesn’t get you laid, nothing will)
  • Cashmere Suede Classic Candle (woodsy meets tobacco. Nuff’ said)

Pro-Tip: light it for a couple of hours. Then put it out and light a generic tea candle like this little buddy that cost only pennies.

The scent will stay AND the ambiance because A candle is burning, but it’s not overwhelming with the scent and it saves your good candle for longer use.

Another Pro-Tip: get the brownish glass for a more masculine look. Looks like this:

#2. Diptyque

Paris based candle these are top-fucking notch as well and are slightly more expensive than the Nest brand, but the proof is in the scent and burn time.

Do the math. If you buy a shitty candle that doesn’t smell and burns out in 2 hours, or one that is so strong you have to put it out and has a burn time of 30 hours, aren’t you really saving money by getting the more expensive one?

Player Approved Scents:

  • Feu de Bois / Wood Fire
  • Bois Ciré / Waxed Wood

So there you have it gentlemen. The two best Player Approved Candles in the world hand selected and used DAILY by yours truly.

No, I’m not an affiliate for these companies (don’t even know if one could be), but I like to endorse QUALITY products (not just my own).

Girls will gush about the way your home smells.

You will have the best sex of your life.

You will make more money working at home than ever before.

You will be eternally happy.

Okay, maybe not the last one, but your mood dictates your actions and your actions become habits and your habits become who YOU are, so yea, candles can change your life.

Till next time, it’s all up to you.

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