Episode #83: The Johnny Noble Interview (Behind The Scenes of The Atlantic Casino Scene in The Decadent 80’s)

In Episode #83 of A Man In Demand Radio I welcome a man who caught my attention on Twitter for the interesting background he has having worked in Atlantic Casinos under Trump, to the Playboy Club and more and all in the decadent 80’s.

It’s no secret I’m a fan of nightlife and Johnny was gracious enough to accept my invitation to come on the podcast and share stories from his past working in some of the biggest nightclubs and casinos of all time during a glorious period in US history.

In This Episode You Will Discover:

  • The first ‘pickup’ artist Johnny ever met (who was legendary in his time), what he learned and how it applies today in 2017
  • What he learned from working for Donald Trump in Atlantic City
  • What it was like (and how hot the girls were) working at The Playboy Club
  • What it was like getting shanghaied by a bunch of Chinese guys from AC to NYC
  • What it was like rolling out to clubs with girls and Brad Hefton
  • What he learned hanging out with legendary greats like Bob Hope, Tony Bennett, Jimmy Smits, James Coco and Steve Lawrence
  • Johnny shares his Frank Sinatra story. Yes, that Frank Sinatra *you won’t want to miss this because it’s a lesson in charisma and frame
  • Why Johnny left a lucrative law practice to open his own online business
  • And much, much, more…

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Episode #83: The Johnny Noble Interview (Behind The Scenes of The Atlantic Casino Scene in The Decadent 80’s)

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