Recap of Playboy Summit 2017 NYC

What a debaucherous time had by all (but one lad-more on that later) at Playboy Summit 2017 here in NYC.

As I did for the 2016 Playboy Summit in Playa Del Carmen, I’ve written a re-cap of the event as well as including excerpts from attendees. I could rave to the moon about it, but it’s always best to see what the attendees who are non-bias thought about it.

To kick it off as I looked at the weather for the week, I was definitely not happy.

Rain, thunderstorms and overall shitty ass weather.

But alas, the game gods smiled and all that shitty weather disappeared by that Friday.

When throwing an event, the #1 concern I have is that everyone feels like they’re getting the attention and coaching they paid for.

This is crucial for throwing any type of event.

If you’re a bottle host and your clients get seated and you never talk to them again, then odds are they’ll feel slighted. You want them to feel celebrated (and they should be) and ensure they have a great night.

With the Playboy Summit it goes the same.

As it goes with Murphy’s Law, Friday kicked off slightly late as I ran into PowerPoint issues for my presentation, but after some technical adjustments we were off to the races with me teaching about maximizing your game regardless of one’s looks.

This was a unique session in that 99.9999% of game ‘gurus’ won’t dare breathe how looks can come into play, but reality is, it does and what can we as men do to maximize ours?

As with any Playboy Summit material it’s exclusive to the attendees, so I won’t go into it anymore, but it was well-received.

After lunch, Dave Perrotta started with his lesson on starting conversations and flirting. He has a nack for teaching and it was a great session.

That night we met at a great cigar bar and started the night with drinks and cigars. One can never go wrong starting like this.

Friday night wound up being a wild night of multiple venues and part of the group split off to do low-key bars, while I took the other half to high energy nightlife venues.

Saturday kicked off with King Bless’s session which was quite excellent. King excels at teaching and his take on leadership and charisma had me taking mental notes.

Goldmund’s session wrapped up Saturday and I have to say, he’s always enjoyable to watch teach. He just has a very relaxed Hank Moody’esque way of teaching and I found myself wondering why he couldn’t have been one of my teachers in college…

Saturday night we reconvened for a truly special night on a rooftop lounge/club starting at 8pm and lasting through the night. We decided to spring for bottle service to the whopping tune of $90 per person (yes, I know that’s highly unusual for NYC) and it was one for the books.

Myself, King, Goldmund, Dave and some of the attendees. Some of the attendees couldn’t be in the photo due to privacy reasons which is understandable.

Attendees were approaching like madmen, getting numbers, some making out and others splitting off with various girls.

One of the attendees decided to not return after Friday night (never lost an attendee nor had a disgruntled one until this one) and without being a complete dick, boy did he miss out!

Understandably, the rest of the attendees thought he was foolish for missing the rest of the summit, but alas, the playboy lifestyle isn’t for everyone.

Sunday we met for lunch and through the haze of hangovers, we all had great conversations and connected over our meal. Afterwards, Goldmund took the attendees after lunch to Brooklyn for his daygame session.

Overall, I once again learned more about putting on a great summit. There’s always room for improvement, but despite that never-ending quest, the attendees once again, had an incredible time.

Here in their own words (first names only  to protect their identities or their forum usernames), are unedited excerpts from their reviews. Yes, some of them had such a great time they wrote entire ‘books’ about their experiences ha.

“Christian’s material was the CMQ stuff we all know and love, so anyone from beginner to experienced Playboy can learn something off that guy. While yes, I can see how he would be too much to handle for some haha… McQueen is overall a really great guy.

Personally I connected with him really well, cause we like the same type of women, the same type of venues and in terms of game, unsurprisingly since I apply his stuff, we’re similar as well.

He was also very helpful and approachable for everyone and I saw him spending tons of time with some of the other attendees, who maybe had some specifically game-related questions. He also really does have his shit together in terms of nightlife, approaching and social proof.

So if anyone ever wants to hang with a guy who is high energy and really knows his nightgame stuff, McQueen is your man (and myself hahaha). Definitely recommended.

I came to the summit with very high expectations. You don’t need to teach me basic or even intermediate game, cause I have my shit together. I came to learn from better players, experience the camaraderie and take in New York as a city. All my expectations were met and exceeded.

Did I learn from the others? Hell yes. It was a pretty diverse group, but I felt like we all got something out of it. Everyone learned and improved and will have tons of new knowledge and energy to feed off. The hosts were all super approachable and took their time for all the people that made the effort to ask the questions they were curious about.

Did I experience camaraderie? Absolutely. King talked about building Bridges – that was exactly what it was about for me. Not only did I learn practical stuff, experience McQueen having various venues (and drivers lmao) on lock, but I also built Bridges for a bunch of major American cities with a group of very respectable gents. And so did they for coming to Europe or Russia.

Did I experience NYC as a city? You bet. It really doesn’t get any easier for gaming than New York. I can easily see how the guys rack up 50+ notches here. Personally, Moscow beats it on quality and quantity for me, since I simply adore skinny and tall Russian women. Last call is also a bit irritating if you’re from Europe, but is probably great if you come from a police state for nightlife like Cali. But New York easily nicks it on variety and ease.

Approaching is absurdly easy and all girls are super receptive. If a guy has his shit even halfway together, he’ll pull tons of pussy here. There’s also a fuck load of variety thanks to New York being such a tourist Mecca. Really, if you cant get laid here, you might as well be dead. Big minus is the cost of living though. You better make sure you make some serious bank, because otherwise living here will be a pain. I burned through money like through paper here.

So all in all, a fanfuckingtastic weekend.

The price really is a steal and you’ll not only get a great weekend for that, but also become part of an international rat pack and you really can’t put a price tag on that. McQueen has also some dope ideas for the next summit, which I fully endorse.” -Ivan

“It was a hell of great time and definitely the most fun I ever had out in NYC. All the coaches were incredibly helpful and wanted you to succeed. I was a little intimidated at first (especially of Goldmund, he’s the most intense motherfucker i ever met) but I never felt belittled or anything like that. On the contrary the positive energy exuding from everyone was insane. 

Big thing for me was being more aggressive. My game is still a work in progress and my previous interactions were platonic and never went anywhere. In terms of the interactions I had to make it known to the girl exactly what I wanted (to fuck her). That’s something I wasn’t able to do before because of mental hangups.” -Freezing35

“What did I like?

– Everything!!!
– The venues were awesome and were well thought out in terms of logistics (girls, atmosphere, costs, etc.).
– The daily coaching sessions were well organized and kept on time and did not drag too long as most people struggle to maintain focus for more than 90 minutes straight (if not for the Powerpoint issues, Dave’s would have ended on time on Friday, so that was an unforeseen issue).
– You either asked for venue preferences (Friday night) or picked a venue that was style agnostic (XYZ Club on Saturday). I liked how you and the other coaches straight up asked who wants to go to more of a bar/lounge and who wants to go to a club on Friday. Then on Saturday, the venue was good for all tastes (even Goldmund enjoyed it haha!)” -Rob

“Hey Chris,

I loved the summit because it was a very small group and so there was a lot of time with the coaches. The experience took the cake, cigar lounge, bottle service, hot girls, can’t beat it! Aside from minor stuff, the Summit was near perfect. Can’t believe you only charged a grand for it! Coming back for sure!”    Marcus

“Good Morning Gentlemen,

First off I thoroughly enjoyed the summit. It was fantastic to be around a group of guys with who had similar mindsets, high confidence levels, and weren’t afraid to be men. I have to say this was hands down my favorite thing about the summit. Merely walking down the street with any number of the group was a boost of confidence. That rat pack feeling is awesome.

I learned a lot from the presentations, but I learned more about myself and what I needed to work on than anything, which is why I came. My game level is not as low as I thought originally and the “hands on” part of the weekend showed me my weak areas, mainly in the body language and talking. This is where the models would be very helpful. I learn best by doing (even practiced in the mirror a little bit before our night sessions, which I need to do more) so any hands on experience taught me more than the hours of presentation.

I currently don’t have any other suggestions for improvement mainly because I have nothing to compare it to. As I get out in the field and get to work on improving more may come to mind.

Depending on when and where, it is very likely you’ll see my name on the list for the next summit. Best, -Chris


There’s a few more reviews en route from those a bit behind, but as you can see, the Playboy Summit is a helluva good time packed with learning and overall having a fucking blast.

I’ve gotten requests from many attendees (including the Mexico bash) asking where the 2018 Playboy Summit will be held…

And truthfully, myself and the other coaches haven’t decided.

We do know it will be on another level based on something I’m incorporating into it, the ticket price will be higher (the concept has been proven with Mexico and NYC) and it’ll be by application only, to ensure everyone is on specific Game skill levels. We also may be splitting it up and doing a Newbie, Intermediate and Expert summit, so that everyone learns according to where they’re at. Or, just different sessions for different skill levels.

We’ll also be announcing it further in advance, so it gives people ample time to prepare.

As with the Mexico summit, 2-3 of the attendees for the NYC summit who purchased tickets were not able to come last minute due to work obligations that popped up. This happens with any type of live event, so it’s expected, however, we want to ensure everyone has as much time as possible to plan.

Big shout out to all the coaches and most of all, the attendees for being a great group of men and making it a badass experience. I salute you for coming and making the decision to better yourself as a man.

Until next time…

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