Gentlemen, start your life…

The 4th has come and gone and while fireworks are damn cool and independence is even better, I’d have to say that today should become the next big national holiday.


Because today is the day that I promised you I’d reveal what the hell it is I’ve been teasing for months.

And without further ado, here you go.

Still here?

Okay, all good, I have some major changes to tell you about, so you can head over to that site in a few…

Major Changes & Updates

1. My Twitter and Instagram handles have been changed, if you hadn’t already noticed.

I am still the man behind those handles, however, I will be getting a bit of help in posting from some of my new team members.

Why am I doing this?

Simple: because this project is a big deal, if you don’t already know, you will when you click over to that link.

2. I’ve Launched a DAILY Email List.

This is pretty badass and one reason why I’m getting some help with my social media accounts: so I can focus on sending you a dope email, every single day.

When I conducted a poll months ago about me starting a daily email list, the votes were overwhelmingly in favor of me starting one to the tune of 84% in favor and 16% saying nay.

The 16% were just having a bad day.

So, I’ve heard your voice and am launching that today as well.

How do you get on it?

Note: this is completely separate from my traditional lists you may already be on.

Click the link below.

When you enter in your email address, you’ll be granted access into the site, but when you’re done reading what I wrote, you’ll also get an email (Subject Line is: Confirm your request for information) sent to the email you entered in asking if you want to be added to my DAILY email list.

Click the link and you’re in like Flynn.

Note: don’t get on the list and then bitch about receiving an email daily, cuz you know, that’s the whole point.

Also Note: this is NOT an auto-responder list loaded up with 100 emails. I’m not knocking people who do that, because that can totally make sense depending on their audience, but my emails will be freshly written and delivered to your inbox every morning, whether I’m up early at the gym, or still up headed home from a night of debauchery.

I can guarantee one thing no matter what: you will be entertained at the very least and at the most you’ll learn some new shit that will completely make your life better.

3. This blog and the podcast aren’t going anywhere and are doing better than ever.

However, the blog won’t be updated as much.

Yes, I know it’s not updated as much anyway, but all of my creative energy is focused on the other project which you’ll read about in a bit.

That requires not only all of my energy, but the energy of my hired staff and my writing focus will be used in that medium.

On the flipside, the podcast WILL continue to be regularly updated every week and now has more subscribers than ever before.

You love the podcast and I love doing it.

It’s not going anywhere but up.

4. The best way to hear from me consistently with Game + Lifestyle tips and updates is via my new Daily Email List. It’s really that simple.

It’s free and it’s the gateway into what’s going on, daily.

I will be traveling throughout Europe starting very soon (business and pleasure to do with what’s on the site below) and will be including cool photos of hot girls and more, from the clubs to the beaches, to the yachts to the droptops in the emails.

I wouldn’t miss it.

Get on it here:

5. The new MASSIVE release today is epic.

There’s really no other word for it and it shits on anything that has ever come before it.

Mainstream, or in our corner of the internet.

The only equivalent could possibly be when Trump posted a GIF this week of CNN getting wrecked and all hell broke loose.

It’s pretty much on that level of gloriousness…

Humility has never been my strong point for a couple of reasons.

One, it’s usually false and two, being humble never got me paid or laid and I won’t act like “Aww shucks” in this moment.

This is single-handily created an opportunity for every man lucky enough to be involved with this movement.

I did have a ton of help from people on my team and who are involved on various levels with this and I will take this moment to give them a shout-out of thanks.

Some of them want to remain unnamed for anonymity purposes, but others will be revealing their involvement in the near future.

Get involved with the movement, or get left out.

6. Moving forward.

As I mentioned, the best way to continue to hear from me consistently, is to get on the email list and become a part of the movement (you’ll see what I mean once you enter that site). 

I’m focusing all of my energy on this and the podcast, as mentioned before.

That means you may not see as many Tweets from *me*, or as many new blog post articles anymore, however, I’ll actually be writing more than ever and you can see how at the link below:

Until next time, see you inside.


P.S. The link and all the details are time-sensitive, so stop whatever you’re doing, click over at the link below and read what’s up.

It’s a bit of a lengthy read, but it might just be the best news you’ve ever read your entire life.

Your opinion is welcome...

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