I’m giving away a ticket to the Mayweather / McGregor Fight. Wanna come with?

If you’re breathing, then you’ve heard about the fight of the century being held Saturday August 26th in Las Vegas.

Undefeated Floyd Mayweather Jr vs. Conor McGregor.

Ringside seats are going for $100,000+.

We won’t be sitting beside the ring, but we’ll be seated IN the arena and I’m inviting you to come with me.

Here’s The Crazy As Fuck Details:

1. I have a ticket with *potentially* your name on it (they’re both under my name, but I’ll give you one if you’re selected the winner).

Each ticket is valued around $3,000.

2. How can you win it?

By applying for The Cad Club.

It’s that simple.

Your Cad Club application is your entry into the contest.



Potentially a night you will never forget (nor will the rest of the world).

While your buddies are crammed on the couch or in an obnoxious sports bar watching this fight, you’ll be sending them videos and photos from INSIDE the arena where you’re watching the fight alongside yours truly.

Afterwards, we’ll go party it up in Vegas which in and of itself is an incredible experience with hot women galore (especially on fight night).

And that’s not all…

I’m even paying for your hotel room.

All you have to do is get there via plane, boat, drive, or hell, even hitch-hike and I have your actual fight ticket (this is to be INSIDE the arena FYI AT the fight; not a fight party or some crap) and your hotel room.

I’ve always loved throwing contests, so I’m amped to announce this.

I once gave away 6 months of coaching to a guy in LA when I launched The Alpha Playboy ebook and it changed his life.

We’re still in contact and even became friends.

Nothing screams a playboy experience like attending the fight of the century in person, suited up, feeling the energy of a fight crowd.

If Sinatra and Dean Martin were alive you can guarantee they and the rest of the original Rat Pack would be in attendance.

Now, you have the chance too as well…

If you haven’t submitted your Cad Club Application, here’s what to do and the clock is ticking, on the contest and on the Annual Dues Increase:

1. Go to https://TheCad.Club/invitation

2. Fill out your application.

3. DEADLINE FOR CONTEST ENTRIES IS Tuesday July 25th AT 12AM Eastern Standard Time.

The winner will be randomly selected by The Cad Council on Thursday July 27th and notified by email along with all details for meeting me in Vegas, checking into your hotel and meeting me to roll INTO the fight arena to our seats…

Can you feel the motherfucking rumble of the crowd, even now?

Any applications submitted AFTER that date and time will not be eligible to win the ticket.

You now know what to do.

This is the contest of a lifetime.

Act now:


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