Blatant Sales Pitch Post

Today’s the deadline to apply for The Cad Club at the $700 annual dues rate.

In just a few hours annual Cad Club Membership dues moolah jumps by $300.

Specifically, today, Thursday July 20th at 11:59pm EST.

Here’s What You’ll Get Access to if you get accepted:

Cad Pack Socials: Join your local Cad Club members every week for a once per week Cad Pack Social event.

Access To Real Models: All of our The Cad Club Confidentials (the official Cad Club Parties) will be fully ‘stocked’ with Top Tier Women.

Yacht Parties: What better way to celebrate life than with your fellow Cads poppin’ champagne bottles on a model-packed yacht?

The Cad Club Key Card: If you’re approved for membership, you’ll receive your very own 0.88mm thickness titanium black membership card that grants you access to The Cad Club socials and events.

The Cad Club Online: On September 6th The Cad Club Online website launches and only members of The Cad Club will get access.

Invites to Confidential Volume Parties: Invite only and you cannot get access without being a Cad Club Member.

The Cad Quarterly: The Periodical for International Playboys: The Cad Quarterly is my physical (NOT digital) ‘paper and ink’ newsletter magazine style publication that launches on September 12th, 2017. There’s 4 issues per year, Fall, Winter, Spring and Summer and the Fall issue is mailed out on September 12th, 2017.

The Cad Courtesans: aka The Cad Models. The real kicker is getting to be meeting and partying with them at the Confidential Volume and Yacht parties.

Locked-In Introductory Membership Yearly Dues Rate: Your rate that you’re joining at (if you’re approved) is good for life.

Entry into the Mayweather vs. McGregor August 26th Vegas Fight Free Ticket and Hotel Room Contest (plus partying with me after the fight)

And more surprises that I have to be mum about for now…

Time is running out fast.

Apply here today before time runs out.

One Nation, Under Cad,

Christian McQueen

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