How Can I Help You?

We all need help at some point in our life.

I’ve needed help and here and there was blessed to have the right person come along to answer a question, or offer some quick advice that steered me in the RIGHT direction.

I’m not an expert at everything, but I am an expert at a few things; namely:

  • Women + Dating
  • Making Money Online
  • Social Dynamics

When you’re a member of my free DAILY email list, I give back to the people by responding to YOUR emails.

That’s right.

When you’re signed up for my email list, I do a couple of things:

  1. I send you a kickass email every single day with tips mainly about Game + the Playboy Lifestyle, but I cover a myriad of topics.
  2. Have a burning question? I’ll respond with a SHORT, but concise email response.

For free.

Just as a ‘Thank You’ for being a loyal subscriber.

Couple of Clarity Notes:

  1. I respond with short, but very helpful responses. Don’t expect a lengthy response, merely because I’m only one person and I have a shit ton of people on my list that’s growing daily by double-digits.
  2. The clearer and shorter YOUR question, the faster I’ll get to it.

If you’re not on my DAILY email list, subscriber here.

Last thing: don’t sign up for my DAILY email list and be shocked I actually send out an email everyday. This list is for Winners; so if you’re a Winner, then sign-up and be happy.

Your opinion is welcome...

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