Coaching in Orlando…

*UPDATE: Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday sessions are SOLD OUT. There are no more coaching slots available.

I’ll be in Orlando, Florida September 27th-October 3rd for The 21 Convention where I’m giving a seminar session on Entrepreneurship.

If you’re attending The 21 Convention already, or, if you live in the Orlando area and want to take advantage of this opportunity here’s what to do:

Step 1. Select Date(s)

I will be coaching only the following nights:

Thursday September 28th
Friday September 29th
Saturday September 30th

You may book all of the nights *if you act fast*, or as little as one night.

The Coaching Sessions are 1-on-1 only and are from 9pm-2am (5 hours each night).

It’s first come, first serve.

Step 2. Email me at Secrets@TheCad.Club ASAP…

With the date(s) you’d like.

I’ll respond within 24 hours or less and give you meeting location details and more.

Step 3. Pay Invoice

I’ll also send you a PayPal invoice (you may via credit or debit card or PayPal).

Pay it and you’ve locked in the date(s).

I’m charging very little because to be quite frank this isn’t for money.

I’m doing it because I can’t imagine being in Orlando for 1 week and not losing my mind and bouncing down to Miami in between my session Thursday and show hosting on Monday, so I figured I’d give you an opportunity to get my coaching for much lower fee and give me something to do while I’m down there.

The rate is just $397 per night, plus you cover any drinks or cover charges (within reason).

Everyone wins.

We’ll tear up Orlando as much as possible and hit up nightclubs, high-end lounges and stripclubs and swoop sexy women.

No matter where I go, I figure out a way to have a blast (even one time in Bonner Springs, Kansas where I got a blowjob in a Sunday School room), so we’ll have fun.

Email me at Secrets@TheCad.Club to grab a spot before they’re gone.

Talk soon.

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