It’s Official: Goldmund Joins A Man In Demand Radio as Christian McQueen’s Co-Host

As the podcast approaches it’s 100th episode I’m honored to bring a great friend and amazing man, Goldmund from on the show as my new co-host.

While I’ve had fun doing the show solo, there’s nothing like having a great co-host.

Goldmund and I have been friends for years and partied everywhere from Los Angeles, to Vegas, to Mexico, to Miami, to here in NYC and it’s always an adventure filled with laughter, booze and women and sometimes $700 Uber bills.

This photo below was from the first time Goldmund had done bottle service with me in Vegas.

The place was pandemonium and our table was beside the main stage area at XS nightclub.

After he swooped within the first hour he told me, “Man this bottle service stuff really works!”

Ha. That it does.

Here’s a photo of us in Mexico last December.

Of course, he loved it and I was ready to choke people out due to the humidity…

I have countless memories with him and I can think of no one better to have as my co-host for many reasons, but one being he’s a great teacher.

You’ll learn a ton from him and I even learned something new today: Truffle Hogs and what they have to do with girls’ assholes…

Goldmund brings many great elements to the show including his sharp insight on male/female dynamics, traveling, and a plethora of good ole’ life wisdom.

If you’re not a member of the podcast, then sign up right now.

Otherwise, you’ll be missing out on the greatest podcast available that has over 123,000 downloads and almost 1,300 monthly subscribers.

Subscribe to the show here.

The newest podcast episode was recorded earlier today with Goldmund and will be released tonight or tomorrow.

We discuss what to do when a girl brings up Trump and politics on a date, or when you’re flirting with her.

It’s genius.

Don’t miss out on it…

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