Episode #93: The ‘Father of Speed Seduction’ Ross Jeffries Interview

I’ve had some incredible guests on A Man In Demand Radio ranging from best-selling authors to fitness and style experts and each of them have brought something great to the show.

In today’s show I’m interviewing a true legend: Ross Jeffries, the Father of Speed Seduction from Seduction.com.

Ross Jeffries has been featured in news outlets like:

BBC, CNN, FOX, NBC, Playboy magazine, Rolling Stone, The Telegraph, Huffington Post and now of course, the best media platform out of all of those: A Man in Demand Radio.

Tom Cruise also played him in the cult film, Magnolia and yes, Ross shares about that experience.

He’s known for his powerful usage of NLP, for being a gifted wordsmith and for being the one who everyone else ripped off when they came out with their dating products.

He also was Neil Strauss’s mentor in the smash hit The Game, the book that introduced Game to the mainstream.

Ross holds nothing back on this episode ranging from how truly feels about Neil Strauss, RSD (his nickname for them is classic), how meditation changed his life, how he seduced a woman on a plane sitting beside him and so much more, quite frankly, there’s not enough bullet points to list here, so I’m not going to. You can just listen, or not; your call.

The interview is 1 hour and 45 minutes long with no intro, no BS, just a full-unedited (for content) interview with arguable the greatest game ‘guru’ of all time and the second best player in the word (next to me of course : ).

Lastly, we had some audio issues and while you can hear myself and Ross clearly, Goldmund’s mic acted up and his audio is garbled. Our editor did his best, but he couldn’t fix that aspect.

I’ll be blunt here: if you’re not subscribed to A Man In Demand Radio for a measly $7 per month, then you’re only ruining your life. Over 1,336+ men are subscribed from around the world and this show has over 124,800+ downloads making it the Number 1 Premium Podcast in the world.

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Episode #93: The ‘Father of Speed Seduction’ Ross Jeffries Interview

P.S. Ross I’m going to get you out in nightlife in Florida come Orlando time ha. After the steak dinner of course…

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