5 Ways to Shatter “Last Minute Resistance” and Get to Sex

Editor’s note: CMQ here. This article is regarding CONSENSUAL sex which is ONLY what I condone and have ever advocated on this blog. How are you reading this right now? Because your Mother and Father had sex. Sex is great and it’s crystal clear that this is regarding consensual sex, so if you read this and you think otherwise, then you might be a dumbfuck. My readers aren’t dumb, but for the lurkers who love to read my blog and think differently, this note is for you. This is a guest post by Dave Perrotta, the founder of PostGradCasanova.com.

You’re hooking up with a girl, clothes start coming off, and it looks like things are going to escalate to sex…

But right before you do to the deed, she stops you.

“I can’t have sex tonight,” she says. “Not the first time, I just met you.”

Sound familiar? Every guy runs into this situation at some point. It’s known as “last minute resistance,” which from here on out we’ll refer to as “LMR.”

LMR is when you’re on the edge of having sex with a girl – maybe you’re making out or hooking up in bed, or even fingering her – and she pulls back and tells you to stop, or that she doesn’t want to have sex.

The less experience you have, and the less comfortable she is with you, the more you’ll experience LMR.

In this article, I’ll tell you some tried and true ways to beat LMR and get to sex more quickly, so that both you and the girl can have a more fun and enjoyable experience together.

One note before we get into it: Beating LMR does NOT mean forcing a girl into sex that she doesn’t want. I would NEVER condone that. You should have the ability to tell where the line is in this situation. Instead, beating LMR is more like helping her feel more comfortable with you, getting her turned on, and opening the door for a sexual experience that you’ll both be happy about afterwards.

Here are 5 ways to shatter last minute resistance and get to sex…

1) Prevent it Before It Happens

The best way to beat LMR is to never get it in the first place.

That’s what this first technique is all about. So, how do you prevent LMR before it happens? There are three great ways to do it.

First, you can position yourself as the prize.

When you position yourself as the prize, she feels like she needs to win you over – like she’s the one pursuing you throughout the interaction. This disarms her by making her feel like she’s winning you over bit by bit, which makes it less likely that she’ll give you LMR later.

How do you “prize” yourself when you talk to girls, though?

You can occasionally insinuate that she’s hitting on you or trying to seduce you. So, for example, when you invite her back to your place, you can say something like:

“We can go to my place for a drink, but only if you promise not to try anything.”

When saying it, it’s important to maintain at least a slight smile and good eye contact. This keeps the vibe fun and let’s her know that you’re being playful, while still accomplishing the goal of limiting the chances of LMR before it happens.

Second, you can use the “I can’t do this.”

Let’s say you’re getting hot and heavy with a girl, but you sense some LMR is coming.

Instead of continuing to hook up with her until she gives you LMR, stop abruptly. Pull back, shake your head slightly, and say,  “I’m sorry, I can’t do this,” and walk out of the room for a few minutes.

This stops the LMR before it can happen. She’ll be confused and intrigued. She’ll think, “This guys isn’t like all the other guys who just want me for sex.”

Then when you come back, just say “Sorry, I just had to slow down a bit,” and start hooking up with her again. Usually, she’ll go all the way with you at this point without any LMR.

Third, you can take the “2 steps forward, 1 step back” approach.

When you escalate linearly straight to sex, it can be too much, too fast for the girl. This approach helps solve that problem.

You escalate, then step back a bit. Then escalate a little more than the previous time, and step back a little bit again.

For example, you can give her a sexual kiss and lay her down on the bed. Then you can sit back up and lower the intensity of the kissing. Then you can move her on top of you so that she feels your erection rubbing between her legs, and give her a sexual kiss again. Then go back to just a sexual kiss without the “dry humping” aspect.

This makes her more comfortable with each step of the process, and also leaves her wanting more whenever you “step back”. When you escalate again, it’ll be even more pleasurable and satisfying for her, and she’s less likely to give you LMR.

2) Complete Acceptance

When most guys get LMR, they get annoyed and the girl can feel their frustration. This turns her off and shows her that you’ve got a lot invested in this one sexual experience.

Keep in mind: A lot of times, she’s testing you with LMR because she thinks you’re desperate for sex. So, by getting frustrated, you fail that test.

Instead, you should accept it. Tell her it’s okay and you’re just enjoying the experience with her. You’re okay with just that.

By accepting it and being okay with it, you show her that you aren’t so attached to the outcome, and also that you have abundance with women. If you don’t have sex with her now, that’s fine, because you know there are plenty of other women who do want to have sex with you. Plus, you know you can enjoy your experience with a girl without the need for sex.

This allows her to relax and enjoy the experience as well, without feeling pressured that she has to have sex. And a lot of times, this ends up leading things to sex anyway.

The key with this is that you actually have to mean it and feel the acceptance. If it’s a lie, she’ll pick up on it immediately and your chances are as good as done.

Here’s an action tip to help you with this: use an app like Headspace to meditate for 10 minutes every morning. This will help you be more in the moment and gain control of your emotions. Not only will this help you achieve complete acceptance when it comes to getting LMR, but it’ll also help you to perform better when you actually have sex.

3) Get Her Hornier

Sometimes, she’s just not turned one enough. By simply turning her on and getting her more wet, she’ll sometimes be ready for sex.

Here are some ways to get her more turned on:

  • Give her a sexual massage. Massage her back, shoulders, and inner thighs. As you massage her legs, inch close to her pussy and move your hands away at the last second.
  • Gently stroke her pussy from the outside of her pants or panties. This will get her wet and thinking about sex. If she’s receptive to it, then slide your hands down her pants so that you make direct contact with her pussy.
  • Ask her good questions like, “What’s the craziest place you’ve ever had sex?” or, “What’s your favorite sex position?

4) When in Doubt…

Ever watch the show, How I Met Your Mother? In one of the episodes, the main character uses a hilarious technique called, “The naked man.”

Here’s the gist of it: Once he’s back at the girl’s place and the girl excuses herself to go to the bathroom, he strips naked and sits on the couch. Then, when the girl comes out of the bathroom and sees him naked, she’s kind of like, “Fuck it. Let’s have sex.” The joke on the show is that it works 2 out of 3 times.

Now, I’m not suggesting you pull “the naked man” technique, though it’d probably make for a hilarious story.

What I’m suggesting is much more subtle, and I’m sure you’ve probably heard the phrase before…

“When in doubt, whip it out.” Yes, as in take it out of your pants.

Sounds ridiculous, right? But done in the right way when you’re hooking up with a girl, it can work wonders.

Here’s how to do it the “right way”…

Start by putting her hand on your erection from the outside of your pants. Sometimes just by feeling your erection, the girl can get turned on and ready for sex.

This can sometimes be enough to get her to put her hands down her pants and take it out herself. If it’s not, though, then you can “whip it out” yourself. Gauge her initial reaction to this, and if she doesn’t seem resistant, then take her hand and put it on your dick.

This will stir up her carnal desires and give her the urge to play with it, suck it, and fuck it. It can absolutely shatter any LMR she had.

5) Tell Her to Remove Her Clothes

Sometimes you just have to give her a command in a dominant way. That can be enough to quell her doubts and put her at ease to follow your lead.

In this case, you can tell her to remove a piece of clothing. It’s better to tell her to remove one specific piece of clothing at a time, as this is less overwhelming than saying, “Take your clothes off.”

So you can simply say, “Take your shirt off,” or, “Take your pants off.”

Wrapping Up Ways to Shatter Last Minute Resistance and Get to Sex…

LMR is bad on a few fronts. First, it leaves the two of you sexually frustrated. And second, it decreases the chances she’ll see you again. Once you’ve gone all the way to the edge of sex and stopped, she knows that the next time you’ll probably expect sex, and this puts a lot of pressure on her.

And so, when you beat LMR, you open the door to more sex with more girls, and you make it a lot more likely that you’ll see those girls again.

To recap:

1) Prevent LMR before it happens by positioning yourself as the prize, using the “I can’t do this,” and taking 2 steps forward, 1 step back.

2) Practice complete acceptance and don’t be phased when you get LMR. Be okay with just enjoying the experience with the girl without the need for sex.

3) Get her hornier by giving her a sexual massage, stroking her pussy, and asking her sexual questions.

4) Put her hand on your erection from the outside of your pants, and if she’s receptive, then whip it out.

5) Tell her to remove one piece of clothing at a time, like her shirt or her pants.

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