What to do when people write lies about you…

We’re living in the era of outrage…

Anyone with a computer and an internet connection can write lies and try to smear someone’s reputation.

That’s the dark side of the web, but it’s something anyone with an internet presence has to learn to deal with.

If you google anyone from President Donald Trump to best-selling NYT author Mark Manson to Ryan Seacrest now (met him before, squeaky clean guy getting impaled now by the media who ironically made him a house-hold name) and yes, even to me, you’ll find articles saying they’re the devil incarnate.

Hence the name keyboard jockeys, or trolls.

Here’s the deal with that:

People love to hate on others doing better than themselves.

That’s a fact of life.

With the internet anyone can learn SEO and create a smear campaign.

So, if you have a ‘personal’ internet presence, how does one deal with that?

You can certainly go the route of suing to have articles removed, but anyone who knows anything about hosting knows they can host overseas and good luck having your country’s courts be able to get it taken down.

I prefer a different approach and one that actually allows the haters and trolls to HELP you in a roundabout way…

Let it stay up.

Let the hateful lies and libel live on and *gasp* let the masses make their own decisions.

I prefer smart people on this list and smart people to follow my writings.


Because dumb people are annoying, frustrating to deal with and are NOT the type of people I want purchasing my products.

When a smart person purchases a product of mine, I know they’ll actually implement them and get results.

When a dumb person buys a product, God knows they’ll probably not even implement the product, then say it doesn’t work…

So what do the smear articles do?

Those articles work as a filter for the smart and the dumb people.

Dumb people will say: “OMG!!! An anoymous ‘writer’ doesn’t like CMQ! That’s it! I won’t like him either, fuck that motherfucker!”

Smart people will say: “Hmmm an anonymous author wrote an article based on feelings and anon ‘sources’ about this guy he clearly has strong emotion for, possibly even gay feelings for to be this involved in hating on them and then there’s this guy, CMQ (or fill in the blank person) who has his face out there and has written millions of words, helped millions of men world-wide and is endorsed by other men who are real, authentic and provide real value. I’ll stick around.”

Note the difference.

One uses logic to deduct the rational answer and one uses emotion to make a decision.

I know who I want reading me, smart people like you.

So, in short, trolls and haters do me a favor and for that, I’m thankful.

Anyways, if you want to learn how to build an online digital business (aka selling digital products; not physical products/dropshipping), then check out my course Your Profitable Biz Blueprint where I break down from A-Z everything I know (alot) about starting your own online business and breaking free from your 9-5, at the link below:


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One Nation, Under Cad,

Christian McQueen

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