Webinar Recap & A Special Offer

Last night I did a webinar, 7 Secrets To Selling Like A Savage and the energy was incredible!

1,090 people registered for the webinar and over half attended which is great for webinar stats.

The chat (private) was on fire with men attending from all over the world from Nigeria to Moscow to Ohio to NYC to the Netherlands and everywhere in between.

The webinar lasted about 1.5 hours and I stayed on another hour answering questions live. When I eventually signed off there were still scores of men on asking questions.

If you missed the live webinar, then that’s unfortunate, but I do have a replay link that will be up only until Sunday.

I wasn’t planning on releasing the replay, but there were many of you who were traveling, your phones cut out and some had weak internet connections and it kicked you off.

In addition, I’ve had scores of men (particularly younger cats) who were pleading to get in, but can’t afford the offer at the end (there’s an offer for 5 weeks of live training of this incredible content), so here’s what I’m going to do:

  1. The Elite 50 is closed and I’m not taking on any more for that. As you know (or if you don’t know you’ll see in the webinar replay), that came with special 1-on-1 coaching perks and more which requires my time.
  2. For those of you who wanted the actual 5 weeks of live training, you can get in for the training + 2 secret bonuses for just one payment of $497. You will NOT however get the other perks of Voxer Coaching, Email Coaching and the Party Invite. 
  3. If you purchased the full package and you want to downgrade to the $497 package, then send me an email at secrets@thecad.club and I’ll refund the difference, but you won’t have the coaching perks of the program.

Now read closely…

The only reason I’m doing this is because so many of you really want the training and can’t swing $2k.

I understand and want you to still get this information because I know without a doubt it’ll help you crush life…

Here’s What To Do To Get In

If you haven’t seen the webinar, you can see it at the link below.


Now, remember the Spots for 50 is CLOSED, so you can’t do that option, however, you can have the 5 Weeks of Live Training + 2 Secret Bonuses option for $497.

If you have already seen the webinar and know you want in at the $497, then go directly to the updated checkout page below:


NOTE: Enrollment for this closes this coming Sunday, April 8th at 11:59pm EST. There will be NO exceptions. Live training starts the following Sunday, April 15th.

Any questions at all, email me at secrets@thecad.club



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