UPDATE: How To Be A G Course (extended enrollment)

We’ve sold out the 50 fast as fuck, as expected, however, we’ve also received messages from guys saying they need more time to come up with the money…

Like this one below…



And another one here:

So here’s what we’re going to do…

We had capped it at 50 people total and for a good reason.

With the info we have in this course many of you will have your lives transformed when you IMPLEMENT it…

But we also don’t want to completely cut ourselves off at the balls and give this info out to TOO many people…you feel me?

But, we’re going to do something quite unselfish…

Since many of you have asked for more time to get the money together…

We’re going to give you until this Sunday June 24th at 11:59pm EST to invest in yourself and get into the course.

This will probably turn the world into a bunch of crazy playboys (like us), but is what it is…


To reward the first 50 smart people who jumped in and took ACTION asap, we have TWO Secret Bonuses we’re giving you (the 50 who got in FIRST) which everyone else will not receive.

Now, Here’s What To Do:

Go to this link below:


1. Watch Andrew’s video, read about all the course content you’re getting (a TON) and then click the giant Orange Button (any of them)

2. You’ll be directed to our secure checkout page. Enter in your info and you’re in!

This is a VERY fair opportunity we’re extending to you because we have been in the same situation where we were short on funds and needed more time to take advantage of a real opportunity…

I can remember distinctly a time when a man who became my mentor helped me out with $100, yes $100 and it made all the difference in my life and was PIVOTAL in the direction my life took.

He showed me what was POSSIBLE with making money online and that encouraged me to move forward creating an online empire…

This isn’t a joke; it really happened and I thank God he extended grace to me.

Now, it’s MY turn to extend a helping hand out to you.

Also, this isn’t a marketing trick, or strategy as some of you might think; it’s literally something we decided to do today after the 50 filled and we decided to not be selfish and give you more time…

So take advantage of it, or not, but now’s your chance to upgrade the fuck out of your life (if you put in the effort).

Go here:


See you inside, G.

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