Episode #132: How To DECIMATE 2019







In Episode #132 of the greatest premium podcast on planet earth, I give you a game-plan to absolutely decimate 2019.

Why decimate?

Because decimate means to kill and destroy.

You’re going to destroy your bad habits and ‘kill’ anything that get’s in the way of your vision…

You will have the BEST year of your life, if you listen to this episode and follow everything in it…

In This Episode You Will Learn:

  • The invasive ‘disease’ that’s destroying most men in the world and why you must avoid it to succeed
  • The technological ‘monster’ that can scarily take over your life without you even realizing…until it’s too late
  • Who you need to hang out with in 2019, so you can get ahead and become rich
  • The specific type of income you need to make and why your corporate job security isn’t as secure as you think
  • The person in your family that’s been holding you back from achieving your potential
  • Why multi-tasking is bullshit and why less is more will make you more successful
  • The one ‘stock’ you need to invest in or you’ll never make it
  • The one thing Diddy (the superstar mogul) said that has helped me become successful and will help you breakthrough too
  • Why following your passion is causing you to go broke
  • The one thing that you might not have confidence in and how you CAN have confidence in it (without this, you’ll never make it)
  • The “ah-ha” moment you’ve been waiting on
  • And much, much, much more…

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Episode #132: How To DECIMATE 2019

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