Can You Put A Price On Improving Your Life To Become The BEST Man You Can Be?

I did.

 Beta To Alpha 6 Month Intensive Package

Time Frame: 6 Months


While each of my respective packages are excellent, this one is the Lambo of them. If you want to truly change your life in ways you never though possible, are facing extreme obstacles, or just want to be the best man you can be, then this is the one for you.

-8 Night Game Sessions Per Month In Los Angeles. An average of 2x per week. From Dive bars, to Hollywood Hot Spots, to Mansion parties, to stripclubs, you will see Los Angeles through my eyes learning every step of the way and drastically improving your game.

The ‘outings’ are not just regulated to night game, but also exclusive yacht parties, art gallery openings, polo matches, and many other social events. Based on our respective schedules, we may take a ‘skip week’, but the average amount of times out per month will be 8 night sessions. All drinks and nightclub covers are also paid by you. I get comped (free entry) 90% of the time, so generally you’re just responsible for drinks for the two of us.

-Goal Start: A specific detailed plan for you based on your individual needs and changes you would like to make and goals you have. This is based entirely on what YOU need to make happen in 6 months. I will sit down with you and help you make a specific plan and also be your accountability partner throughout the 6 months.

-3 Personal Stylist Sessions With My Personal Stylist To Hollywood Stars Including Hair + Wardrobe: 1 session immediately to improve your wardrobe, the 2nd time at the 3 month mark and the 3rd time at the end of the program to ensure maximum improvement.

Initially her and I will meet you at your residence and go through your wardrobe helping you match and select what works and what doesn’t. You will then meet with my stylist at the Beverly Center Mall in Beverly Hills and she and I will personally help you select a new wardrobe. You are responsible for the cost of the wardrobe, but she will help you tailor your selections based on your budget. Low budget? She will still have you looking good, she’s that great at what she does.

-Hair Style Assessment: Based on the shape of your face and other factors, I will help you select a hairstyle that best compliments you. Then you will meet me at a salon on a specific date to get your hair cut and styled based on the selection we’ve made with my personal stylist. The cost is covered by me and is free for you. 

-1 Private Photo Shoot of you with a professional LA photographer. You can use these photos for online dating, or anything else personal or business related that you would like to do, for free of charge.

-Hustle Start: Personal breakdown of your Lifestyle, including Finances and a specific plan for you to maximize your talents based on your income.

-Access to my Inner Circle. In the course of 6 months, you will get access to some of my extensive network of friends and contacts. This happens after I see progress in you and have ‘vetted’ you to have access. Once you’re in, you will have opportunities to improve your business relationships to meeting people who may become good friends. Through my 6 month program many of my clients have built a new network of friends and business opportunities.

-4 ‘Homework Assignments’ Per Month: Once per week. These are custom made to address your weaknesses and help you improve. I make these based on your work schedule and personal life, but be prepared to improve. They can be intense, but you will see drastic change from your body language to your style, to your game with women.

-4 Skype Calls A Month For 1 Hour Each: Once per week.

-You will receive all of my e-books at no cost to you.

-Access to attend Hangover Experience Trips with me during the 6 months. You will be responsible for your flight, food and drinks, but the hotel will be covered by me.

Expectations: You can expect to do an entire 180 for good in your life. There’s nothing else to be said, it’s that powerful.

Who Is Good For This Package: Any man who needs a serious drastic change in their life. Anyone who is sick of tired of being average, fed up with not accessing their potential and a man who has had enough: he wants to become the best man he can be.

Price: $8,000/month at 6 months for a total of $48,000. Drinks and covers for myself and you are covered by you during the 8 night game per month sessions. All sales are final. In the case of an emergency you may reschedule the coaching.

Availability: ***2015 is already booked: 1st and 2nd half. Check back for 2016 availability***

Due to the demand of this program, I only take 1 student per 6 month period (2 per year). Fill out the form below and you will be contacted within 24 hours.