It’s THAT important.

Are you headed to college this coming Fall


are you currently enrolled?

If so…

I have some exciting news to share:

I’m releasing the e-book authority on college for men 

with the CAMPUS HUSTLER ebook!

I’ll keep it real (as I always do)

This shit is unlike anything out there.

There has NEVER been a book written with a PRACTICAL 100% real-life applicable approach for men attending college…

…Until NOW.

Don’t go through college dateless, friendless, and NOT living up to your academic potential.

Every wonder how joining a fraternity works???


Do you wish you knew how to be the Big Man on Campus and the Life of The Party??


Do you wonder if you could be a Campus Player and have sex with gorgeous girls???


Are you stuck not knowing what to text college girls??


Are you at a loss of HOW to workout and WHAT exercises to do????


The Campus Hustler E-Book has ALL of these answers and A LOT MORE. 

No Bullshit. No false promises.


Still wondering if this book could CHANGE YOUR life?


Here’s the Table of Contents so you know EXACTLY what you’re about to get:

  • Forward (by yours truly Christian McQueen) + The 10 College Commandments
  • Introduction
  • Analyzing Yourself
  • Game
  • Fitness
  • Style and Self Presentation
  • Staying Positive and Motivated
  • Working To Effectively Reach Your Goals
  • The First Few Weeks of School: Why These Are The Most Important
  • Finance
  • How Much Should You Bring?
  • Balling On A Budget
  • Dorm Life
  • A Player’s Dorm Essentials
  • Upping Your Game
  • Day Game
  • A Word On Confidence
  • Approaching In The Dorms
  • Approaching On The Street
  • Night Game and Party Game
  • Setting Up Your Party Locations
  • Identifying Wingmen vs. Friends
  • Inviting Girls To Parties
  • Supplies
  • Text Set Up 
  • Pregame
  • Party game
  • General
  • Beer Pong Game
  • The Close
  • Greek Life
  • Myth vs. Fact
  • Rush (Greek Life)
  • What To Wear
  • How To Act
  • Nutrition: Feeding The Player Lifestyle
  • Importance of Proper Nourishment
  • Eating Plan
  • Dealing With Temptation
  • What To Eat Before Going Out
  • Fitness
  • Finding The Time To Workout
  • Effective Hypertrophic Workouts
  • Body Split
  • Strength training
  • Conclusion
  • Contact

The reason this information works so well, is because I LIVED it

and the co-author Hans Dix (from The College Player popular blog) is currently LIVING it. 


Experience is the BEST teacher and you’re getting a handy e-book that is packed with everything from

College Game to How Fraternities Work to Staying Jacked in College

from two men who know what they are talking about!

I attended a Big 10 University here in the USA and Hans is currently attending a Big 10 University in the USA.

This isn’t two jerk-offs who did a semester at community college sharing SECRETS about

succeeding at college without backing it up.



I want you to succeed in your college years, because those are some of the most important years of YOUR life.

That’s why I’m doing this:

Hans and I decided to price the book at

ONLY $17.97!


This gives you a chance to get it cheap as hell and on top of that:

I’m also offering a 60 Day Money Back Guarantee so you can

Read the Campus Hustler RISK FREE.


Don’t like it? Email me and get your $17.97 back no problem.

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  1. Been listening to your podcasts…. I was referred to you by an acquaintance and I’m glad I was. I grew up homeschooled, so I had a great education, but I lacked social experience. I’m currently a sophomore in college and have come a long way but still working to improve.


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