Can You Put A Price On Improving Your Life To Become The BEST Man You Can Be?

I did.

City On-Lock Package

Time Frame: 3 days and nights.


This is a perfect package for the gent who can’t travel due to work, or would like to focus on getting their City On-Lock. What I mean by ‘On-Lock’, is becoming known in your local hot spots and learning how to take advantage of the venues in your own backyard. Let’s say you live in Atlanta. You like to go out, but you feel a little intimidated rolling out alone. That’s where I come in. I come to your city for a long weekend: Thursday, Friday and Saturday and help you make an impression in your city by helping you navigate the waters of your local nightlife. I also serve as your Wingman the entire time and coach you as well.

-3 days and nights of Coaching: Daygame and Nightgame are included.

-Wardrobe Analysis: I go through your wardrobe and help you select either new clothes, or match your current ones so you’re looking your best. If you want to update your wardrobe, I accompany you to shops and help you get your GQ on.

-Get Your Local Spots On-Lock: this priceless aspect of this package helps you get integrated into your nightlife scene so that when I depart your city you are in a good position to go out solo and know the right people. With my extensive nightlife connections literally around the world, I am at an advantage to help you tremendously.

-1 Pre-Trip 1 hour Skype call to get to know you better and prepare you for my arrival.

-1 Post-Trip 1 hour Skype call to re-cap the trip and provide with you game notes specifically for you.

-Myself not only coaching you, but being your Wingman the entire time I’m there. It’s not a vacation for me; it’s about me helping you get the max amount of learning in in a 3 night/day period.

-You will receive all of my e-books at no cost to you.

Expectations: You can expect to be known in your city at the hot spots after I leave. The next weekend if you roll up to a club, they will remember you and you will have already established early relationships with the venues which will benefit you with meeting women. You can also expect to learn an incredible amount of night game and day game in a 3 day/night period as I will be coaching you 1-on-1 the entire time.

Who Is Good For This Package: Anyone who prefers to become a local ‘commodity’ in the nightlife scene, become better integrated with the locals and up their game tremendously. It’s also perfect for gents who move to a new city and are hesitant to discover it on their own.

Where Will I Go? I’m available for any English speaking cities and can travel world-wide.

Price: $3,997 plus round-trip 1st Class flight and hotel accommodations for 3 nights. Payment plans available as well. All sales are final. In the case of an emergency you may reschedule the coaching.

Availability: Fill out the form below and you will be contacted within 24 hours.