Christian McQueen here, best-selling author, former nightclub owner and coach of the Get Girls In Vegas Trips.


But I didn’t start that way.  In fact, I’m one of those guys who initially “failed” at even getting into top nightclubs, let alone picking up women in them.  This failure created a burning desire to conquer the nightclub world.  And now as a VIP Host and former owner of an afterhours club in Los Angeles, its safe to say I did.

Now…I’m giving away all my Secrets.  For less than one cover charge and a drink at a decent nightclub.

Here Are Just Some Of The Things You’re About To Learn:

  • The Art of the Approach: everything you’ve ever wanted to know on how to approach girls.  Includes real life examples and strategies. Pg. 18
  • The one thing to NEVER do when out on a date…if you want to get laid that is. Pg. 34
  • The 5 Steps to Sex: Once she’s inside your spot, how to get inside of her….step-by-step. Pg. 49
  • Personal Style Guide: I break down EXACTLY what to wear no matter what type of nightclub you are into.  This is worth more than the price of the Nightclub Bible itself. Pg. 60
  • Why Knowing Your Niche can make or break you in nightclubs and how to find out your niche even if you have no clue right now. Pg. 54
  • My Exact Mindset when I’m in the club: Including what I say AND WHY I say it. Pg. 92
  • The ONE thing that is life-changing when you prep for your night out. Pg. 68
  • Short Guy Game: How to Pick Up Women if you are shorter than average. Pg. 115
  • Promoter and Hosting Game: How To Get a Free Table + Free Bottles (Step by Step) pg. 112
  • and a TON more…

Look, I’m not a professional tennis player and I’ll never be in the NBA, but what I am an expert on, is nightlife and picking up women in clubs.

I know what it feels like to stand outside of a club waiting in line, because I WAS that guy years ago. I swore to myself I would learn the secrets and never deal with being an outsider again. Setting out on a mission with a vengeance, I put in the time and effort and can now say with great confidence that I am one of, if not THE top Nightlife expert in America.

The cherry on top is, I’m giving you 30 days to read this e-book and apply the techniques. If you’re not happy for any reason with the information, I’ll give you a complete refund, NO QUESTIONS ASKED.


  • My Newly Revised Nightclub Bible System (eBook format) – You will have INSTANT ACCESS to it.

Not only does my Newly Revised Nightclub Bible system cost you less than a night out.  It costs less than a cover charge and one drink in most big cities.  I will be exposing my time tested strategies on never having to pay a cover charge again.  You will also receive my secrets on getting drinks for half price (and sometimes even FREE).

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