Can You Put A Price On Improving Your Life To Become The BEST Man You Can Be?

I did.

Best Night Of Your Life Package

Time Frame: 1 Night out in Hollywood or greater Los Angeles area. Open to 18+.


In essence, I am your Wingman For The Night. You’re getting a night game expert with over a decade of nightclub experience as your personal wingman for the night. Starting at 9:30p and ending at 1:30a, we meet at one of my local joints to have a drink and discuss what you’d like to work on that night. We then leave around 10:30p and head to a Hollywood club.

The night usually starts with one club and could end at another spot depending on how the crowd is at the first one. When out with me you never know where the night will go, from Hollywood Hot Spots, to mansion parties, to the stripclubs, I rarely have a ‘calm’ night out and it rarely ends at 1:30am. If the night is going strong at 1:30am, then you can accompany me to after-parties and other venues for free, but drinks/covers are still covered by you.


1. This is not a competition. I’m here to help you and you’re here to learn. You will have my undivided attention for 4 hours at a fraction of my monthly rate.

2. I CANNOT guarantee you will get laid. Any company or dating coach that guarantees you’ll get laid in a program is full of shit, or hiring escorts without you knowing.

3. What I will do is teach you about overcoming approach anxiety and be your wing-man for the night. I am bragging here, but I am amazing at night game and you will learn if you have a good attitude and are eager to learn. All I ask is that you dress sharp (no, you don’t have to be suited up, just looking as fresh as you can), have a good attitude and are punctual.

Bonus: For the bonus you may select any 1 e-book from my collection for free.

Who Is Good For This Package: Guys 18yo+ (If you’re 18-20yo we will attend a 18+ club. 21+ a ‘regular’ club) traveling to Los Angeles on a trip for work or pleasure, locals who want to get their feet wet in the Los Angeles party scene and cats who are considering a more extensive coaching package, but would like to get a taste before fully committing.

See What My Students Had To Say About This Program:

“Had an absolute terrific time Christian! Thanks for the memories!” -Blake S. (Los Angeles)

“Had a crazy night that started at a trendy hotel bar in Hollywood and wound up at a porn party at a mansion in the hills. What can I say? Christian lives up to his rep lol!” -Trevor L. (Los Angeles)

“Should be called ‘Craziest-Stripper-Filled-7-Hour-Straight-Partying-Night-With-Christian’. Had a blast man, definitely going to sign up for coaching after this.” -Johnny K. (Los Angeles)

“Got way more time than Christian promised. He guarantees 4 hours, but he wound up meeting me an hour early, picking up the check on a fancy dinner and we were out until 6am the next day with a couple of cute girls we met from Australia. Great memories and can’t wait to sign up for a longer program. Starting to save for one now.” -Hector R. (Los Angeles)

Price: $400 for a 4 hour period (9:30pm-1:30am). All drinks and nightclub covers are also paid by you. I get comped (free entry) 90% of the time, so generally you’re just responsible for drinks for the two of us. All sales are final. In the case of an emergency you may reschedule the coaching.

Availability: Fill out the form below and you will be contacted within 24 hours.