I Guarantee This Is the Simplest Way for ANY Guy To Start Picking Up Strippers the Very Next Time You Go to a Strip Club:


  • Without “making it rain”
  • Without wearing idiotic looking clothes to get attention
  • Without buying lap dances
  • Without spending money in the VIP
  • From the next time you hit the strip club…and for the rest of your life.

AND…if you happen to have Approach Anxiety.  The Stripclub Bible is PERFECT because Strippers Always Approach YOU!

Not 21 years old?
Doesn’t matter. Most strip clubs in the US are 18yo+ establishments.
Look, if you’re like me…you’ve probably spent hundreds of dollars at strip clubs only to go home to your hand and a tube of lube.  Hell, my first time at a strip club, I spent $300 thinking I was a VIP.  What can I say?  The girl acted like she was in love with me.
I got HUSTLED Bad.  Strippers are expert hustlers.  You WILL be taken to the cleaners if you even think of trying to pick up Strippers without reading my Stripclub Bible FIRST.

Here are Just Some of the Things You’re About to Learn…

  • The Secret Stripper Conversation Formula
  • Why Strip Club Game is the PERFECT game for rolling solo.
  • How to Get a Strip Club on-Lock before ever setting foot in the door!
  • The Different Stripper Types (and which ones to STAY AWAY from)
  • The 8 Secrets to Strip club Game
  • The absolute BEST thing to wear when going to a Strip club
  • The Step by Step Formula to get Threesomes from Strippers (your buddies will be SO envious, they’ll pay YOU to find out how to do it)
  • The one KEY to attracting strippers (and anyone else) to you like aMAGNET.
  • and much more…

Now let me ask you.  What is all this worth to you? 

$300… like I’ve spent in strip clubs before?



Well I’m going to give it to you for much less than that because I’m sick of seeing guys wishing they could get sexy girls only to reach for a bottle of lotion at the end of the night instead of a pair of fresh tits.

For a limited time, I’m giving Stripclub Bible away for $19.97!


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