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14 Replies to “THE CMQ SHOW”

    1. I was wondering that as well. Absolutely LOVED CMQ podcasts. used to alternate between them and Mike’s ones.


  1. Love the show. I’m burning through it on my path to game. You probably already know but you called the CA Yes means Yes law in Episode 18 at about minute 10. I’ve followed your words on Roosh and RCM for awhile and you’re always right. Another feather in the sage’s cap. Keep up the good work!


  2. Found the blog ala Roosh V.

    Questions for the player-

    1-Do you run international game?

    2-Have you lived all over the West Coast? Hows game in Seattle, Bay Area, Phoenix, LA, San Diego, etc? What streets/neighborhoods have the best game in your favorite cities? LA doesnt have enough coverage on specific hoods and blvds. Crenshaw? Inglewood? LOL

    3-Based on your experience what group of women (white American, white European, Latinas, Asians, Blacks, Middle Eastern, etc.) are the best to deal with sexually and psychologically?


    1. Hi J Bone:

      I’ll help you with some of those questions.

      Avoid Seattle at all costs. There’s ONE club worth going to, but more importantly the women aren’t very attractive. The grungy hipster and techie culture + progressive nature (which brainwashes women with feminism) of the city = women who don’t put much effort into their physical appearance.

      There’s nothing but whities and Asians. Good luck finding fly Latinas and Middle Eastern bitches at night

      and McQueen recommends Latinas for relationships


  3. Quick tip, take it or leave it;
    Wouldn’t it be better to link the picture of the gold mic to the soundcloud web page? It’s a small detail, but I bet more than one person might click it, thinking it’ll take them there, and all they see is the pop-out of the image.
    Like in your book, style is in the details 😉


  4. Do you and your co-host see yourself as good looking guys? If so, what advice do you have for the average looking guy out there or the above-average looking guy but not good looking guys?

    Also, do you run solo game in bars/clubs? Whats your take on that?


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