Are you sick and tired of texting hot girls and NOT getting a response?

Due to demand, I decided to write a Text Messaging Guide that breaks down exactly what Text Game is all about and how to utilize technology that’s not going anywhere.

I proudly present The Player’s Guide To Text Game!


Years ago, it was common to pick up the phone and call a girl to set up a date. Well, that’s all changed and the need to speak on the phone is no longer needed. Text is a huge part of communication in our current age and learning exactly how to do it effectively, is important for Game success.

Without bragging too much, I consider myself pretty damn good at Text Messaging Game. Having worked for years promoting and club hosting, knowing exactly WHAT to text is key for getting people to do what I want. When making money depended to a certain degree on whether they responded to my texts or not, you can believe I perfected the art of creating texts that called people to action.

Competing with other promoters and hosts who are sending texts to the same girls, caused me to utilize Game in my texts. By not following the ‘sheep’ and their mass blasts, I learned how to write texts that girls WANTED to respond to. Big Difference.

Your 69-page (didn’t plan on that number, it just happened haha!) The Player’s Guide To Text Game e-book, is available for immediate download in PDF format.

Handy enough to consult on the go and stuffed full of real-world text responses you can start using right this second!

Here’s the Table of Contents so you know exactly what you’re about to get:

Table Of Contents

  • Text Game 101

  • Start Up Texts

  • Time Constraints

  • Sample Responses To Common Texts From Girls

  • How To Get Her To Send Naked Pics

  • Stale Prospects: How To Re-Connect Through Text

  • The Rules Of A Player Sending Pics

  • ‘The Morning After’ Text Examples

  • How To Create Distance Through Text

  • Protecting Your Phone From Your Harem

  • How To Create Jealousy In Your Girls Through Text

  • Conclusion

  • PLUS I also added 3 Sample Chapters from my other best-selling e-books: The Alpha Playboy, The Nightclub Bible:The Authority On Picking Up Women In Clubs and Stripclub Bible: The Authority On Picking Up Strippers as a BONUS at the end of the book!

  • Sample Chapter: The Alpha Playboy

  • Sample Chapter: The Nightclub Bible

  • Sample Chapter: The Stripclub Bible


Get your 69-page The Player’s Guide To Text Game e-book (which you can download immediately!), for a measly $19.97, by clicking the ‘Add to Cart’ button.

Price: $97 $47 $27 LIMITED TIME ONLY!


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  1. Although I’m not a huge fan of text game, this seems like a winner and not too generic. My issue with text-game material is that it’s always the same tips. This book seems to have some novel ideas.


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